True my words too

Words too

Words are my world ,I mean each single letter of it

Together we start , together we break ,no discussion further we take

Life is short and Earth is round , may be ,we’ll meet one day.

Hope you never forget my presence ,hope I always guess you by your shade

slowly and slowly its reminding me each day.

Our walk , our talk , it was  like a sisters blog

Our fight , our love , it was like a Tom and Jerry episode .

I wish, I could meet you in my next birth ,

Together forever we can share the best of Best Friend.

My words were not fake , my love was pure,

but  I can’t explain the truth behind my vows.



In memory of my sweetest Childhood Friend .


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Silence “The strongest Voice”

Silence is the strongest noise which is louder than words. When words are not enough to explain anything you show your silence which doesn’t mean that you are accepting other’s choas ,it means that you are waiting for the right time to express your silence into words.

A wise person not react on everything comes to him, he wait for the right time and moment so that he can prove his things wisely.

Few people presume silence as a weakness of others but you should beware of as you never know what exactly that person want to do.

Sometime, it’s right to keep shut your mouth as you can’t make understand each and every person by your words.Give time to other to think about his/her wrong things and let him analyse why he makes other person quite.

To understand your negative points is much harder than to make others realize their negative aspects.

Your silence is the only punishment which you can give to other to make them realize that yes you did wrong things and you should accept the same rather blaming others for their negatives.

Make your silence louder than your words.

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Truth is beyond your commitments.


Truth is what???? A bonding of words which remains as it is through out the life.

Truth never change for anyone even not with time too. Our commitments are the formulation of unsettled words which have some frequency to settle but with time it change its nature and truth is beyond our commitments we made with others.

We think that what we are saying will be as it is in future but things changes with time and our words too. People commit to do things but some how they are not able to do things as per commitment , it is not because they don’t want to is that because now the situation is not like what was before.

Few people do their commitments as they believe in their words and their words are like their respect for which they are responsible for, these words stand for Truth which is beyond your commitment.

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Prison ” Heart-melting Poem”


Your darkness will not make me black  , I have colors in my heart

The time I passed here is just gave me shock.

Your silence will not make me deaf , I have sounds in my mind

The pain I have bear is just make me realize.

Your less space will not make me introvert , I have extrovert thoughts

The negligence I have seen here is just make me awake

Your barrier will not stop my dreams , I have imagination power

The broken people I have been with is just make me cry

Your posses time will not hold me here any more

The freedom I have seen in my dreams is now alive.



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Communication “word’s power”

downloadCommunication is a process through which people exchange their message through different channel.

Our today’s topic is ,do we really think that communication  is only to exchange your message with each other.I will say a BIG NO to it.

Because the major problem of communication in today’s scenario is we don’t listen to understand ,we listen to reply.

Today’s generation only want to give reply of any commutation with no clues of right  & wrong and later that communication will end up in fight or debate.

A right communication will lead a conversation to the right path where we get our result and vice-versa will create barriers.

A simple way of a good communication is first listen what others want to say then understand it or get the reason of saying and then understand it , If everyone will follow this process of communication then we may not create any barrier and result into hassle free communication.

Say correct , understand correct and process correct!

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