A Perfect Outfit

Perfect Outfit

Girls are very fussy about what to wear or what to not. I believe that being choosy is not bad ,if it is about your dress-up/outfits.

Yeah , but one more thing you need to wear with your outfits and guess what it is.It is your attitude.

One should not forget your attitude with your outfits as it will enhance your personality and expose your best to others.

A perfect outfit is only when you wear something which suits your body-shape , smile which suits your  face , heels which suits your feet and attitude which suits your personality.

So be sure whenever you move out for your best day do not to forget to carry your attitude of being perfect with you.




Let your curve speak


Curves are the best body shape of a women to show her beauty created by the God to tell entire world that women are the most wonderful & beautiful creation of the GOD.

Women curves are always a part of discussion in different arenas whether it is painting , dress designing , picture perfect , ancient architecture paintings and many more. In India, Indian women wear saree to flaunt their waist curve which attracts their fiance to love her forever.

Many Television ads are also showing women curves by promoting their products like , wax ,  hair removal cream , pregnancy scar removal oil, Relief bams and many more.

I think if God have not created women so beautiful then these cosmetic companies vanished like anything.

But , I think that the most beautiful curve of a women body is her SMILE

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Smile is the only curve which doesn’t require any fairness , slimness or beauty , it itself a beautiful curve which can catch anyone attention if you want.

Let all our curve to speak but the silence of your lip curve will always the most prettiest thing one would have.

Stay Happy & Smiling.