Trust yourself


One day a person told me that do whatever you want in your life and always remember that if it is yes to you then there is no chance of any other’s No.

Start building trust on  yourself and live freely.

Nobody is perfect. You don’t need to be perfect , so relax, say what you really feel, and take your full shot at life. It’s the big picture that matters most, and the long view.

We don’t need to prove our self to anyone , we just need to fulfill our responsibility , take care of others point of view and let our self live freely.

So let yourself try what feels right for you, and don’t worry about making the “wrong” decision. One of the best things I have learned is that the world is a place to explore, and it will embrace you if you embrace it.



Without You I cannot find myself


I have been lost in life for about 3 years now. I studied International Business, but the corporate, normal job life does not fill me. I feel like I can’t adapt to this society, but I can’t find my purpose, my reason, my passion. I feel stuck, nothing happens, nothing really fills me up. I can not find my joy. I have tried to get a normal job, but every time a go to an interview and see all the cubicles, with these people acting like robots, I get so frustrated because it is not what I want, but I need money (I think) and the pressure from my family and society it’s been increasing. I have read that if you find your passion, and start working on that, money will come easily, and life will be great. But that’s my problem, I don’t want a normal life, I’ve always had a problem with authority and people that want to control my life, but I don’t know what kind of life I want. I feel so lost, I wake up with no purpose. I have tried reiki, I have read so many things online like highexistence, and other similar web pages. I have read “conversations with god”, but nothings seems to help me. I don`t know myself. Only thing I know is that freedom is the most important thing for me, and that a normal job won´t give me that, but still I have to eat and survive. So I decided not to quit and listen to my inner soul as I have trust on myself that I can do better and that trust lead me to a beautiful life which I actually want. I tried again and again and today I am able to do anything ,I have no fear,no excuses,no reasons to deny to move on . Today my all dreams comes true because of my trust on me and without it I can’t find myself.



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Blessings !!!


Gift from your love-ones

A blessing is “the act or words of one that blesses,” or “a thing conducive to happiness or welfare.God is not the only one who pronounces blessings , its also people who love us gives blessings.

Blessing is as water takes whatever shape it is in, So free may be you be about who you want to become.

Blessing is as bird baby trying to come out of the egg shell , So may be you will also from the negativity.

Blessing is as drop of rain that wet the pores of earth , So may be you will also get yours dreams true.

Blessing is as new opportunity to live your life to the fullest.

Blessing are sweetest that are won with prayer and worn with thanks.

Blessing is that God makes better choices for us than we could have ever made for ourselves.

Spread blessings spread happiness.


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Life ” Explained by Lord Buddha”

Lord buddha

We cannot hide three things in our Life i.e Sun , Moon & Truth.

You will not be punish for your anger ,your anger will punish you one day.So don’t be harsh to someone.

Beauty of Body & Greatness are attracted by our Eyes & Mind. But there is a vast difference between like & love.

For Example: When you like a flower, you pluck it and when you love a flower, you nourish it with water daily.

Whenever we love someone we never hurt that person , a true love stands only on this point.

We grow up on the base of our thoughts and we will become what we think today.

When you are pure by heart & mind then happiness will never leave your hand.

Peace comes from inside don’t search it outside. No one will give your peace until & unless you stop panic.

Your mind is everything whatever you think you will become , it may be a Good or a bad person.

Change your thoughts as per Lord Buddha’s word and it will change your Life.


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Forgive & Forget.


Holding grudges will only lead you towards bad stuffs of Life. People do mistakes and they are born to do the same. A good person is one who forgive others mistakes not because he has nature of forgiveness it is because he don’t want to carry bad memories in his life.

Forgive is when you don’t want to make an issue of any mistakes and continue with that person . Forget is when you don’t want to recall bad things.

You must forgive a person for his mistake and forget it once but repeatedly will lead to worst situation and one day you will loose your own trust.

It is well said, “You cheat me once, shame on you; you cheat me twice, shame on me.”

Forgiveness is an attitude which we learn  from our elders but we our self learn how to forget bad things.

Forgive and Forget bad things once only because it may be done by-chance or by-mistake but second time it must be done willingly.

Its well said ” If you want to live happily forgive others mistakes but don’t forget , just learn from it.



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Gratitude. A story


A 6-year-old boy was going out of the market with his four-year-old sister. Suddenly, she thought that her sister was left behind. He stopped, looked back and noticed that his sister was observing something in front of a toy shop. The boy comes back and asks the sister, & quote; Do something you want? & Girl shows up a doll’s in that shop.

The child grasps her hand, like a responsible elder brother, she gives the doll to her sister.

The shopkeeper was watching all this, and was surprised to see the behavior of the child.

Now she came to the counter with the baby sister and asked the shopkeeper “How much is this doll of value?  The shopkeeper was a quiet and deep person, he had seen many ups and downs of life, he loved children with great love and affection.

He asked boy what you can pay for this Doll?

The child takes out all the pebbles from his pocket and gives it to the shopkeeper which he collected near the seashore. The shopkeeper counts each as if he is counting the money. After counting all the pebbles he looked at the child, the child said, Sir is nothing short??  Shopkeeper: -No – No, this is more than the price of this doll, I give it back more. The child happily kept the pebbles in pocket and took the sister along with him. All this was looking by the shop keeper’s assistant, he surprised by the owner! So expensive doll .

Did you give in exchange for only 4 pebbles?  The shopkeeper laughing with a smiling satisfaction said, it is only oyster for us but it is very valuable for the child of 6 years and now when he will be at our age he will know what are the money?

But when he will be big … And when he remembers that he had given the doll to the sister instead of the pebbles, then he will come to my remembrance, and then he will think that; This world is full of good people. This same thing will help in increasing the positive attitude inside them and that too to become a good person.

Being Human.



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Trust ” Compulsion or Hope?”


First of all thanks to all for give their love to the “VOICE OF DIL” and this is because of your trust on us to give you new and different articles everyday.

Trust…?  Every one of us must have either done or have trusted the others.

But what is this, is it our compulsion or hope?

Or trust is such a light that fills the path of our lives with expectations or trust is such a bond that connects us with unknown ones whom we have never met before.

In this world, nothing is possible without trust as we cannot do everything by ourselves, sometimes we need someone else, and for this we choose someone, can it be possible without trust?…..No.

In the journey of life sometimes we got some people who break our trust in one stroke but there are also some people who are willing to do anything to keep our trust.

If trust connects relationships, So this is also the reason for the breakdown of strong relationships.

A one of the great example of trust is marriage. In which we assign our present and future to the someone unknown, just think that the person will respect it and take care.

Now the point of thought is that it is our compulsion that life has to be shared with somebody, or the hope which tells us that he will surely appreciate it and take care of it.

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