Live every moment of Life.

Happiness has no time to come to us, we have to find it in each and every single moment.

Why we have to wait for any occasion to feel happy when our life itself an occasion everyday when we find ourself alive every morning.

Why we need friends to share our daily soaps for happiness when we have mirror who can listen us the way we are.

Why we need camera to click our selfies for happiness when we have our eyes to see the whole world as original as it is.

Why we need love from someone to feel us special each day for happiness when we have our mom for whom we are already so special.

Why we need money to roam for happiness when we have our home to make ourself relax.

We need to feel these little things as our special happiness of our day to day life as we don’t need a special moment to be happy.

Life is short to live so live it’s each and every moment as it’s last day and stay happy .
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You will Miss my Writing!!! ” An Author’s Predict”

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Nothing in this world is constant except change.

An author is the one who is writing for their readers insanely. He never think about the good or the bad article he will write , he always try to write the best thing he has in his mind. An author cannot make happy to his all readers by his articles but yes he can tell you the truth which you are going to experience in your life by his writing.

An author is the one who has/will experience of all the ups & downs so that he can narrate you the best by his writing.

“You may love it or not but he will never stop”

He will never stop writing his own words because his readers are waiting , waiting to listen or to read the new & latest facts of life.

An Author never let you down , he will understand your requirements, live your problems , experience them and then write a solution . You will always get the best of your author as he is never biased and he will give you the exact reason of doing what he is saying.

He may not ever write for you but do remember his writing. His writing will make him alive forever in people.

You will miss my writing when I will not able to write , do remember all the day & nights you read my articles and felt relaxed , all the pages of articles that made your day happy. Remember me in your heart . One day you will get what you want , the much you give the much you receive and your all problems get resolve , its my predict !!!!!..Remember me when I will not able to write , said by an Author.

Friends that all from An Author’s side to tell our readers that we want to be alive forever in your hearts.



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True love

Love ,its not a word ,love itself a complete sentence where no description requires.

Once met with a person who always use to say that his love is one of the special gift he has. When i asked him how ? he said that she is not with me and not with someone else too.

Actually love doesn’t mean to be with your love one always its actually wherever you are you only love that person . When Distance dissolve gap and loneliness fill togetherness its called true Love. Love not require your attention its actually want your support,not mind but your heart not only to wipe tears but to know the reason behind tears.

Love in unconditional.



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