Know your People

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How much you know your people? Do you really know them or only judging them or its all your perception of knowing them .

Questions you should ask yourself ?

  1. Do you know them as per their Social info ?
  2. Do you know them as per other’s opinion ?
  3. Do you know them as per their work performance ?
  4. Do you know them as per their official/ professional look ?


5. Do you know them WHAT THEY ACTUALLY ARE ?

Basically we know our people as per the above mentioned 4 Points and we hardly focus on the 5th point as for it we need to work on that person to know him/her and rest 4 Points are easy to Judge anyone.

Every person has dual personality within it . One , which he/she is showing to others as per his/her social , professional & upfront behavior . Second one is what he/she actually is.

Its is difficult to examine the difference between two of them that who is real & who is not and once we know the phenomenon of knowing the difference then we will be able to know exactly about the person.

No one will exactly tell you about how you know your people but yes, you can focus on all 4 points and choose a common behavior out of them to exactly know the 5th point that is what actually is.

All the Best for your Knowing Journey.


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High above the Heights

I was so high and wanna fly from there, I was freezing and wanna squeeze in your arms.A best day of this year I traveled with you.

We laughed, restless, ate , walked, breathe together and tracked our first high journey.

High in mountains,I forget all my worries and fake people around me and remember you and your presence.

People says,” you love me alot as your eyes says ,but I can feel that your each heart beat says this😘

My mind may be Wonder but my eyes is only on you and finding myself there deep inside though I know that my presence is in every bit of it.

Love ,I don’t know what exactly is but yes, I am sure that I can’t leave you ever not even after my last breath.


My Journey towards My Blog

Hello Readers ,

I am glad to tell you how & why I am here with Voice of dil.

It’s a long journey of my thoughts & views which want to spread on papers and read by readers like you.

It’s tough to explain each & every thoughts of your life to other person . Sometimes I use to talk to myself to tell me that I am my only close friend and share-taker of my thoughts.

Dreaming is good but live with that dream is not that easy the way we dream.

I always like to write my thoughts by different means or sometimes I decorate things around me to give the beauty of my thoughts which is unable to write.

Slowly, I decided to motivate people whom I know or don’t know to motivate them in their bad times and my friends appreciated me for my good work. After that I decided to write my own blog so that more people get aware of my thoughts and may be out of million of people few people find good ideas from my thoughts.

I believe in writing short but to the point. I know I am not much good in writing but soon I will surely win hearts of my readers .

I always want to share my thoughts to people and want them to take another thought too before implementing mine.

Thanks for your support & concern in spreading my ideas to your love ones.

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My Little Squabs-Journey

My Little Squabs

Two months before ,this journey began from my home balcony. At 6:30 P.M (Delhi- India),I entered into my home and checked my balcony as in morning one pigeon was trying to built her nest .  Awwwww! One pigeon’s egg was there 🙂 🙂 . I was surprised to see . It was the first time when I saw pigeon’s egg at my home. Next day she has given one more egg. Their journey started from that day and mine too as a good human being. After twenty fifth day of laying eggs my sweet little squab came out and filled my home with happiness.

An amazing and adorable pic of it.

Little squabs

But one is still in struggle as it came one day later so he took birth next day and after two days they double their size.

little squab 2.jpg

You can see here the one first is in front and one day younger is hiding behind him.

They took totally 2 months from hatching to flying for the first time.and here are my big squabs or you can say pigeon those are ready to have their first flight like their parents and I wish them good luck for their future to live long and visit my home daily.

squab 3.jpg


I am going to miss them alot as I took care of them since last two months by giving them food , washing their poops and making their area clean and dry.

I love you squabs and you both are lucky for me as well. Thanks for being at my home.


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Childhood memories

Childhood memories

Things you have left will always present in your memories & so your childhood too

I know my childhood was too good to remember it again & again. I have blessed with so much of love from parents , friends , teachers and all.

Friends with whom I  play , share things & tease. I remember each & every day of my childhood from good to bad situations , Love to hate , cycle to scooty , skirts to jeans , suit to saree each and every part of my childhood gives a big laugh on my face and I always think that why we grownup and have so many responsibilities .

I donot want to loose my inner child ever . I love that child in me and I want to make it alive till my death.

I know I  loose some of my precious friends but their memories will always there in my mind. Whenever I remember our laugh with loud & loud voice my inner child say ..Hey! there u are ,this is the real you.

A real me is when I find my childhood in me. I become pure & sweet like a baby girl who doesn’t want to hurt anyone and just seeking love from all.

A small poem of my childhood:

One two three we are like bestie

together & together we have friendship feather 

One day we remember each other

like a sister from another mother.

Remember your best friends always as they were & are your strong base of life.


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7 wonders of India

7 wonders of India


It is a statue of Gomateshwara or Bahubali (a Jain Arihant), of 60 feet / 18 m located at Shravanabelagola, in Karnataka. This monolithic statue of Gomateshwara was built by the minister of Ganga dynasty and commander Chamundaraya in AD 981.

It is located at a distance of 140 km from Bangalore. Thousands of tourists, devotees or pilgrims from across the world and India visit the place during the event of Maha-Mastak-Abhisheka (Anointing Ceremony).

This festival is observed by the Jain devotees once in every 12 to 14 years. During the festival, the head of the statue is washed by gallons of Water, Milk, Honey, Sandal, including eight different types of sandal paste. The Jain devotees do this to acquire powerful spiritual energy.



(Popularly known as Darbar Sahib / Golden Temple) – It is a Sikh Gurdwara located in Amritsar, Punjab. The Harmandir Sahib Temple was built in between 1585–1604 by the Guru Arjan, the 5th Nanak. He came up with the idea to create a central place of worship for Sikh community. The design of Sri Harmandir Sahib was done by Guru Arjan himself. This majestic abode of God has 4 doors for entrance. Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the nineteenth century protected Punjab from exterior attack and coated the upper floors of this Gurdwara with pure gold. Since then it is known for its unique appearance and achieved its English name (Golden Temple).




(It is a white marble mausoleum of Mumtaz Mahal built by Shah Jahan in 1632. It is located at Agra, in Uttar Pradesh. It was built in 22 years by 20,000 workers and artisans along with 1,000 elephants.

It was constructed under the supervision of Ustad Ahmad Lahauri. This wonderful construction is a blend of traditional Persian and Mughal architecture. Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz built this monument as promised.

Taj Mahal changes its color with the variation of lights. It looks stunning under moon light and the view of the Taj at that moment is so pleasant that one would like to visit the place again. It is one of the most visited tourist sites in India.



(Also known as Pampa-kshetra / Kishkinda-kshetra / Bhaskara-kshetra) – It is a village located in the midst of ruins of Vijayanagara, Karnataka. The ruins are collectively known as the Group of Monuments, which came into being in between 1342-1565. It was once a rich kingdom of Vijayanagar.

These remarkable ruins of Hampi represent the amazing architecture and culture of the region. Hence, it has been undertaken by UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hampi also has many remarkable Hindu temples. The backdrop of beautiful hills makes the place unique and worth visiting. It serves like an open museum for the visitors to throng in more than 100 plus places. Though the place is counted in ruins it still holds charm in it with its beautiful architectural ruins


5- KONARK SUN TEMPLE (also known as Black Pagoda)

 It is a temple of the Sun God- Surya in Kalinga architectural style, located at Konark, in Odisha. It was built by the king Narasimhadeva I in Mid-13th century AD.

Konark temple has been built in the shape of a huge chariot, adorned with 12 pairs of carved wheels made of stone, walls and pillars pulled by seven horses. It is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site but unfortunately, a major portion of this temple is now ruins. The temple was built near the river Chandrabhaga. The temple remains open for visitors from sunrise to sunset.



It is an ancient religious centre of higher learning located near Patna, Bihar. It was built in the 5th century AD. It is located at a distance of 95 km from Patna. It was once a prosperous village and had a major trade route. The route ran through the city of Rajagriha/Rajgir, which used to be the capital of Magadha.

It covers an area of 14 hectares. Scholars and students from countries like China, Tibet, Persia and Greece were attracted to this university. This complex was destroyed in the 12th Century AD by a Turkish Muslim army.

It is believed that Mahavira, the Jain thirthankara, was at Nalanda for 14 rainy seasons. It is also said that Gautama Buddha delivered lectures in a mango grove named Pavarika, located nearby.



(Kharjuravāhaka) – It is a complex of Hindu and Jain temples of medieval period, located at Chhatarpur District in Madhya Pradesh. It is about 175 km to the southeast of Jhansi. This group of monuments was built in 9th century AD.

Khajuraho is one of the major tourist destinations in India. The place is popular and has unique erotic sculptures. It is known for its nagara-style architecture.

Most of its temples were built by the Chandela dynasty in between 950 and 1050 CE. According to records, there were 85 temples in the Khajuraho temple site by 12th century, out of which only 20 temples have survived.

The Khajuraho group of temples was dedicated to Hinduism and Jainism, honoring diverse religious views.




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