You were no where and now you are everywhere. Its hard to understand how a person who never belongs to you will become your life and more than your all priorities.

Its God who made these relation in heaven and set meeting on earth.We grow this relation with our love and trust to create a never ending bond. Its not only for a birth its for next seven birth.

This is the only relation which you can’t change as it is fixed by God and its hard to believe how he knows the exact match of us.

Loving your partner is just like worshiping God and your togetherness will always last for long.

Its my saying, ” If you are happy you can make entire world happy”.

Stay together , love your partner , live your Love.



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Childhood memories

Childhood memories

Things you have left will always present in your memories & so your childhood too

I know my childhood was too good to remember it again & again. I have blessed with so much of love from parents , friends , teachers and all.

Friends with whom I  play , share things & tease. I remember each & every day of my childhood from good to bad situations , Love to hate , cycle to scooty , skirts to jeans , suit to saree each and every part of my childhood gives a big laugh on my face and I always think that why we grownup and have so many responsibilities .

I donot want to loose my inner child ever . I love that child in me and I want to make it alive till my death.

I know I  loose some of my precious friends but their memories will always there in my mind. Whenever I remember our laugh with loud & loud voice my inner child say ..Hey! there u are ,this is the real you.

A real me is when I find my childhood in me. I become pure & sweet like a baby girl who doesn’t want to hurt anyone and just seeking love from all.

A small poem of my childhood:

One two three we are like bestie

together & together we have friendship feather 

One day we remember each other

like a sister from another mother.

Remember your best friends always as they were & are your strong base of life.


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Laugh out Loud…!!!! :) :) :)


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More you Laugh More you Live

Laughing is the best exercise for our Mind, Soul & Heart.

Don’t find any reason to laugh just laugh & laugh whenever you get time.

Don’t expect people to give you reason to laugh just spend your 1 hr daily on stand up comedies , laughing series , comedy shows etc to make yourself happy, healthy & shiny.

You won’t need any cosmetics to glow your face if you have a wide smile on your face.

Make yourself stress free , live your life happily.

You may have many reasons to get sad but find at least one reason to laugh atleast twice or thrice a day. You won’t need doctors to recover yourself if you are doing laugh therapy with you.

Stay Happy and make others to laugh out Loud with you.


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My Love is my Passion..Storytelling

Alley & John

Love …….for Alley it was everything . Alley wanted a person in her life who can give her a majestic life and with whom she can live forever.Alley had lots of dreams and want to live it with her true soul mate. Alley a sweet girl , having brown feather like hairs and creamy skin.

Alley has everything but she was finding her own heart and one day she found her soulmate . She fell in love at her first sight and started believing that he was her only prince. They walked together , talk together and marry each-other.

Time passes and their ages too.One day Alley saw something on her skin and she was suffering from acute skin allergy. She diagnosed herself everywhere but nothing happened  . One day she opened her eyes and found herself in an NGO, where people send for disease treatment at lower cost and also there were no risk of communicable disease.

She was broken like a water drop apart from ocean. She found herself alone. Her love was her passion but he is nowhere around her when she needed him badly.

Times passes again with her age too she had her caretaker assigned by NGO ,named John. He was taking care of her like his own family member. He always try to make her happy. He never found her ugly due to her disease and never complain her erotic behavior she was suffering due to her emotions breakdown. One day NGO replace John with a lady staff as John was out for a week holiday. Alley was not eating food neither took bath nor had medicines as she was somewhere missing John and his presence.

When John back to NGO and met her and asked about how she is ? Alley knee down in-front of him and asked him ……Will you be with me forever & ever????

That line shocked John as he also have feelings for her and he told her that ….Yes forever & ever. Then they spent their whole life together and Alley apart from his ex husband.

Alley was confused between love & attraction … Attraction of someone will fade one day but Love will last forever and ever as the time pass.

Make your Love as your passion………..




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Half Boyfriend “More than a friend less than a boyfriend”


We all have lots of friends but there is always a one who is your best friend it may be more than a friend but less than a boyfriend. We always want to be with that one because we don’t want to loose as he is the special one who can understand all of your worries and happiness and he can do anything to make you laugh. We want that one laugh everyday to clam ourselves and to see your original one inside that happiness.

He can take care of you like your Dad , love you like your mom and tease you like your brother sometime he act like your sister by giving you advise and being a friend he is always on your side at any conditions.

I always wish not to leave that one person in your life as one will never get such person in any form once missed.

Say love you to that one person not as a friend or boyfriend just to been such a nice human being.


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Friendship is a beautiful relation not given by god , its totally man made.

Friends are the only people in this world with whom we can share anything or you can say everything from sad to happiness, lie to truth , open to secrets , mixed to clear talks , past to future , wife to husband  each and everything.

I think that if we are with our favourite buddies then will feel so awesome . We forget our worries ,left our sadness , throw our headaches and just want to live that span of time with full of happiness.

There is no one in this world who can understand you as well as your friends . This is not that they know you well this is because they always want to be with you and then whatever be the reason they will be with you.

Don’t loose your any single buddy they are like a precious gems which you will never ever able to buy.


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Couples “Husband & Wife.


Husband : A man who has responsibility to take care of his girl and give her entire happiness of the world .

Wife: A girl who has responsibility to understand her hubby and always take steps together with him .

In today’s world this definition of husband and wife failed. We have partners but we don’t respect them . We have relations but don’t accept ,we have years together but we don’t live , we have emotion but we can’t understand , we have love but we can’t express We only listen to answer not to understand.

We meet each-other, love together , marry together , having kids together but why then why cant we understand each-other.

We have to live relation purely & truly . We have to learn how to give things to others not always want to take & take. We have to give respect to our partner ,use good language , create love , spread love and make trust that yes I am the Girl or Boy who is going to take care of you in future forever and forever.

Spread Love don’t disburse Relations.



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