A thought…. Continued


Is there any sleep which will never wake me up , Is there any smile which will never make me sad.

Some knows I never express but actually no one cares, if I speak.

Some says, I am a fool but actually it’s my nature to forgive.

I like to count stars because moon is loved by all.

I never follow others because they don’t have me in them.

Some says , I have belief in friendship but actually they know me other than else.

There is only one thought which make me alive that I’m not born to die.

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Time “The Best Healer”

First of all thank you very much for giving so much love to Voice of Dil.Friends we all know that time is the best healer since we born.It will give you all good things you did and take revenge too.

We are telling you a short story belongs to George who loved Luci madly.George was a normal boy lived in a middle class family  and Luci belongs to upper class.One day Luci called George for dinner in a luxirious hotel. George was little tensed as he didnt have nice clothes to wear for the levish dinner but george managed and went to hotel. She said hiiiii to George but when she noticed his clothes she felt ashamed and told George to leave as how he can wear such low price clothes on their date.

She tried to insult him infront of all and George was unable to speak as he had no words just to left that place.

They had breakup which George never wanted and he gave his best to try to understand Luci but Luci denied and left him forever.

Almost 5 years completed ,Luci married with a rich man ,working in Mnc. One day he told her that he had a meeting with his boss in a 5 star hotel so she can accompany him and her own stuff. They went for meeting ,Luci tried to click her pictures as her husband went for his meeting.Suddenly she saw George .

Hiiiii George what r you doing here????? Are you working in this hotel with a cuddling voice, Luci said.

Nothing just for a work,George replied.

Luci surpised to see her husband footing towards George , she got tensed.

Hello boss ,good evening, I was waiting for you in conference hall .Luci’s husband said to George.

Luci shocked to know that George is her hunband boss… What????? Is he is your boss????

Luci realised her mistake that whom she scolded that day just because of her attire he is now a Manager in Mnc. She folded her hand infront of George and just left.

Time is the biggest healer we know but some times it will return you whatever you did.

Time takes the test and who succeeds in it is the real winner.

Donot judge anyone by their wearing ,see their heart and pure soul . Time can replace anything it is the biggest healer.



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Change “A step towards betterment “

Our surrounding have many people with different thinking and sort of nature. We have already talk about thinking in our previous post Life “different people , different thinking”. Now we want to talk about CHANGE , it creates betterment in our thinking, nature,life style , imagination and many other things.

Things we should do to change atleast our surroundings not the whole world as it will change as people change.

Cleaning: we need to clean our work and living station and tell others to do the same. Its not about dust or garbage its about your thinking which you need to clean on daily ly basis.

Avoid Anger: Anger is the biggest enemy of us. Stop showing your frustation to others and try to be calm.

Respect : Respect act like a  power ingredient in your relationdish. Show it frequently so that people feel comfort and friendly  zone near you.

Adoption: Adopt whatever you feel good, adopt good friends,good habits , new things, communication & whatever is good. Adopt a child , it makes you feel proud.

Listen: listening is the quality of a good person. Try to listen first and then say. It helps in resolving issues,fights,anger. Listening is the solution of all the bad things which is happening with you.

Change will change the people and people will change the world.



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