Jealousy ” Do it & Die.


What you are giving will come back to you.

Jealousy , a feeling that will always allow you to do what you actually not to.

It happens when you are insecure , fear of loss , obsessed , not confident & incompetent. It will harm you and your surroundings without any guess why?

It starts with hate and end-up with hate.It takes you from you.

It will never get satisfied and horn you to do more bad actions to destroy yourself entirely.

You will never able to think about yourself as most of the times you are busy discussing others but actually you want to discuss about yourself but it makes you numb.

You want to get rid of it but it will hold you like a magnet and suck your all good powers. You will show others that you are happy ,but actually not ,as it possess your mind & thoughts.

Once it has hold on you it will carry till you die.

Stay away form “JEALOUSY”- Or do it & Die

Not born with a Silver Spoon.


Hello Friends !!!!!!!!!!

Are you born with a silver spoon in your mouth????….It is just not a question/ phrase, it has a meaningful sense itself.

We always found few of our friends and relatives those parents have lots of money and their children doesn’t require to do stuffs /work hard in comparison of a middle class family.

Many of us not born in General category and some of us belong to other category related to lower categories and got casteism profit.

What is the difference between a person born with a Silver Spoon and one not????

80’s Generation people believe that when a child get things easily and no hard work needed that he might be born with a silver spoon as a phrase.

But I believe that their is no difference between both of them , it is all about your Karma ” Much you given ,Much you get”.

One can’t make any difference with a silver spoon, you can only make difference by your hard/good working which itself make you different from others.

Your good efforts will give you power to achieve your dreams , your hard work will boom your enthusiasm to work more & more , your thoughts will give you ideas to develop , your words will make your best presentation, your believe will give you energy to fight and your performance will set a milestone for others.

Friends their is no one who can stop a Human to do anything until and unless he/she wants. Keep trying and giving your best efforts will fail a person who is not worthy.

Don’t think about the luxurious life that was given by your parents as they have that because of their karma . Do your own efforts ,make your own way and there is no one who will stop you. Just keep going.


Clean your Glasses…8}


Hello Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are glad to get reviews from all of you and we appreciate your efforts to encourage us to write more for you guys…

Out Today’s topic is …….Are you guys ready to clean your glasses?????????? I know that many of us are wearing glasses and now its in fashion too. We daily clean our glasses to see things clear otherwise we will fall down or make some mistakes 😉 .

Have you guys ever think about to clean your glasses more than it required …NO???? Then do it … many times people only clean their shades to see things clearly not to understand things wisely. Sometimes what we see is not real . We have to clean our glasses more so that we can see the difference between the Visibility & the Reality.

For example : A mother sold her home television to get some cash for her daughter’s study so that she can achieve her dreams but her daughter thought that how poor we are that we have to sold our things to live .

Sometimes.. we cannot get into reality behind what we see and we react as per the visibility . 99 % people react on visibility because they only want to react what we see they donot want to understand the truth behind what they saw.

A simple example : Whenever we see any cat cross our way then we stop at the same place to cross others so that we will not get into trouble. As since birth we have this hypothesis that whenever cat crosses our way it will lead to some danger. We ignore the main cause of crossing and it may be anything, might be her life is in danger that time.

We all need to clean our mind too to see things in actual manner.

We Hope that from now on wards we will try to think like this in any case, to improve our thought process.



The Beautiful Women.


Hello Readers …..Today we are discussing on the topic “Beauty of Women”. Most of our generation specially in India people think that when women wear ethnic wear then only she looks beautiful as it is the tradition of India. People out of India think the same as per their own traditions.


Our ancestors , our upbringing , our knowledge, our thinking & our society made us like this to think & react like this…….and its WRONG.

Today we are telling you a short story which justify the actual beauty of  women .

” Jane , a girl , studying in standard 14th , last year of her graduation . One day she went for lunch outside as she was tired of eating food from mess. She took so many things from MC’ Donald as a take-home and had the same while walking on the road .Once she finished her food she was searching for a waste bin/dustbin. She found it at the one end of the road and while throwing the waste she found a bag near it . And you must shocked to listen that she found a little 2 months baby girl ,alive ,in that bag . She took her in her arms and felt something out of the world. She then and their decided that she will take care of her as her own daughter. Sooner that little girl ,named Misha , growing and her school friends starts teasing Jane that from where she got this child .Was she pregnant , or have some boy friend or her ex-father did some thing with her . Her classmates were always teasing her because of Misha but Jane never got impulsive and always try to have patience. 

She is now not a unmarried women ,she is now a mother , a mother of a girl child whom she adopted from  a waste bin/dustbin/garbage bin.

Now Misha is 3 years old and went for the first time to her kindergarten.She had a school performance and Jane is also participating with Misha. Once Jane came to Misha’s school , she was so tensed that how people react when they will see a unmarried girl having child. Will they ask question or stare Jane or not permit her to put her child in their school because Misha has no father. So many tangles in Jane’s mind while she was setting on the chair where each participant seated.

Misha was standing in-front of her looking in her eyes deeply and sung a song for her mother ……Hmmmm my mother is the best mother in this world…. kind of lyrics song had. Jane was staring in Misha’s eyes deeply and deeply till she sung that song. At last Misha salute her mother for being so nice to her and to give her a respected life “

Jane remembered all her compromised and taunts of people she patiently handled for Misha to grow her well though she was not married. Many people might saw that bag but only Jane adopted that girl because she was a girl , a women and a person having good heart. That was her insight beauty who gave her power to fight from the world and give a normal life to a child who was thrown in a dustbin by her parents.

She was actually a beautiful women not by face but by heart and true soul .

My Love is my Passion..Storytelling

Alley & John

Love …….for Alley it was everything . Alley wanted a person in her life who can give her a majestic life and with whom she can live forever.Alley had lots of dreams and want to live it with her true soul mate. Alley a sweet girl , having brown feather like hairs and creamy skin.

Alley has everything but she was finding her own heart and one day she found her soulmate . She fell in love at her first sight and started believing that he was her only prince. They walked together , talk together and marry each-other.

Time passes and their ages too.One day Alley saw something on her skin and she was suffering from acute skin allergy. She diagnosed herself everywhere but nothing happened  . One day she opened her eyes and found herself in an NGO, where people send for disease treatment at lower cost and also there were no risk of communicable disease.

She was broken like a water drop apart from ocean. She found herself alone. Her love was her passion but he is nowhere around her when she needed him badly.

Times passes again with her age too she had her caretaker assigned by NGO ,named John. He was taking care of her like his own family member. He always try to make her happy. He never found her ugly due to her disease and never complain her erotic behavior she was suffering due to her emotions breakdown. One day NGO replace John with a lady staff as John was out for a week holiday. Alley was not eating food neither took bath nor had medicines as she was somewhere missing John and his presence.

When John back to NGO and met her and asked about how she is ? Alley knee down in-front of him and asked him ……Will you be with me forever & ever????

That line shocked John as he also have feelings for her and he told her that ….Yes forever & ever. Then they spent their whole life together and Alley apart from his ex husband.

Alley was confused between love & attraction … Attraction of someone will fade one day but Love will last forever and ever as the time pass.

Make your Love as your passion………..


Dreams “Your efforts make them real”


Dreams are part of our life , we all dreams every-night while sleeping and sometimes we do day-dreaming too.

Dreams are what????? Someone want to say that you can do it and who is this someone this is your inner soul who want you to do what you dreaming.

Dreams are the imaginary creation of our mind and we have to poke our-self to accomplish those creations.Dreams are the clue given by our mind that we have the capability to do things which we dream.

Every dream has some relation with our present , past & future.Dreams want to tell us that whether this is going to happen in future or may be it was your past. Dreams want to talk to your inner soul and sometimes these dreams will actually take the form of reality in your life.

Dreams are more real then reality itself, they are closer to the self….Gao Jingjian.

Dream must have some connection with your practical life, suppose if you slept and dreamt that your life is full of joy and when awake then find yourself serving others then don’t get stressed , it means that your service is your joy and then you will realize the true meaning of your dream. Dream will not show you the exact situation ,it will only give you a hint of life how to live it.

Dream are your creation, respect your creativity.

Couples “Husband & Wife.


Husband : A man who has responsibility to take care of his girl and give her entire happiness of the world .

Wife: A girl who has responsibility to understand her hubby and always take steps together with him .

In today’s world this definition of husband and wife failed. We have partners but we don’t respect them . We have relations but don’t accept ,we have years together but we don’t live , we have emotion but we can’t understand , we have love but we can’t express We only listen to answer not to understand.

We meet each-other, love together , marry together , having kids together but why then why cant we understand each-other.

We have to live relation purely & truly . We have to learn how to give things to others not always want to take & take. We have to give respect to our partner ,use good language , create love , spread love and make trust that yes I am the Girl or Boy who is going to take care of you in future forever and forever.

Spread Love don’t disburse Relations.