Combating harassment at the workplace

When asked about best practices in the corporate setup to combat sexual harassment ,she says it’s simple “It’s called equality “. Put more women in position of authority and power , advance women according to their actual ability. Treat them like they are real. Every place that I go , there are men around. They act like women aren’t real. Everything you say, sort of bounces off them and goes past them, while they are thinking about something else.

It’s is just an epistemological way of women not existing. And what that ends up meaning is that men get a lot of latitude in terms of assumption of their competence. The way male dominance works is that women aren’t given the benefit of this assumptions.

According to her ,men tend to dramatically overestimate their capacity to perform and women dramatically underestimate theirs.

Understanding male dominance in the context of work would help a lot.If you ask a man if he can do a job he’ll say,’oh sure’. Even though he has no back round , no train , his confidence tends to over  shoot his capacities . If you ask a women , the saw question,she’ll say, well , I’ve never done it before . I’hv done things that are similar to it or I ‘hv studied things that are close to it. If you give me the opportunity to do it, I”ll certainly do my best.

According to her ,it’s time to act not to regret or over think.Fight for yourself.



words by Catherine MacKinnon.