Jealousy ” Do it & Die.


What you are giving will come back to you.

Jealousy , a feeling that will always allow you to do what you actually not to.

It happens when you are insecure , fear of loss , obsessed , not confident & incompetent. It will harm you and your surroundings without any guess why?

It starts with hate and end-up with hate.It takes you from you.

It will never get satisfied and horn you to do more bad actions to destroy yourself entirely.

You will never able to think about yourself as most of the times you are busy discussing others but actually you want to discuss about yourself but it makes you numb.

You want to get rid of it but it will hold you like a magnet and suck your all good powers. You will show others that you are happy ,but actually not ,as it possess your mind & thoughts.

Once it has hold on you it will carry till you die.

Stay away form “JEALOUSY”- Or do it & Die

Shadows “The Darkest form of you”


Shadows “The Darkest form of you”

Shadow is the darkest form of us , it shows your darkest form even in sunshine.

It is like a love , when you chase it , it runs away , when you turn back and walk away , it follows you.

It creates fear & friend of  you simultaneously .

Shadows show you the outer design of you and guess what is not inline.

Shadows cannot see themselves they want you to see them and judge them.

It is something to the feeling of not knowing your surroundings , not seeing the color of things as they appear, but as true as are . There is something unspoken about the shadows ,something that is our part , something terrifying yet beautiful.






Persistence “Be Like water drop on a rock”.

Can anyone imaging that  dripping of a water drop hollow out stone , not through force but through persistence.

What it means……?

It gives us a lesson to how persistent efforts of a water drop leave marks on a rock. If something as soft as water can carve a hole in solid rock, how much more so can your strong efforts of doing any thing will draw your desire into reality.

There is no late of doing anything & your efforts will make a change.

Be like a water drop and one day you will get whatever you want. Once you have something in your mind , it is there as you are the one who will make it true and your strong efforts of doing that thing will convert it into reality.

Be the one , be the change , Be like a water drop.

Water drop