Your silence make me numb ,its time for you to come

leaves shed ,trees bare , I think its winter declare

Your white hair making me scare , its a perfect hint of dare

Black cloths, long boots , its all fashion or fair

Your long breath making me sick , its a season which comes rare

flowers bloom , fire kindling , I think my body is shivering

Snow Snow all around I am feeling lazy somehow

Lights , Candle , Gifts , Santa , we are celebrating along

Your breeze spread like a love in air

Welcome again for making our lives cold & clear.


Copyright © 2017 Voiceofdil


Have less time to Live-Poem

less time to live

Few days left & I am going to die soon………..

My heart wants to beat more but my condition won’t allow

Is my life sucks or my people.

My Eyes want to blink more but my dark-circles won’t allow

Is my tears sucks or my vision.

My hands want to hold you long but strength won’t allow

Is my love sucks or my addiction.

Soon I’ll leave this world with no take-back

Is my innocence sucks or my wisdom.

Love will stay there But I may not present

Is my voice  sucks or my silence.


In remembrance of my soul.


Copyright © 2017 Voiceofdil


Gratitude. A story


A 6-year-old boy was going out of the market with his four-year-old sister. Suddenly, she thought that her sister was left behind. He stopped, looked back and noticed that his sister was observing something in front of a toy shop. The boy comes back and asks the sister, & quote; Do something you want? & Girl shows up a doll’s in that shop.

The child grasps her hand, like a responsible elder brother, she gives the doll to her sister.

The shopkeeper was watching all this, and was surprised to see the behavior of the child.

Now she came to the counter with the baby sister and asked the shopkeeper “How much is this doll of value?  The shopkeeper was a quiet and deep person, he had seen many ups and downs of life, he loved children with great love and affection.

He asked boy what you can pay for this Doll?

The child takes out all the pebbles from his pocket and gives it to the shopkeeper which he collected near the seashore. The shopkeeper counts each as if he is counting the money. After counting all the pebbles he looked at the child, the child said, Sir is nothing short??  Shopkeeper: -No – No, this is more than the price of this doll, I give it back more. The child happily kept the pebbles in pocket and took the sister along with him. All this was looking by the shop keeper’s assistant, he surprised by the owner! So expensive doll .

Did you give in exchange for only 4 pebbles?  The shopkeeper laughing with a smiling satisfaction said, it is only oyster for us but it is very valuable for the child of 6 years and now when he will be at our age he will know what are the money?

But when he will be big … And when he remembers that he had given the doll to the sister instead of the pebbles, then he will come to my remembrance, and then he will think that; This world is full of good people. This same thing will help in increasing the positive attitude inside them and that too to become a good person.

Being Human.



Copyright © 2017 Voiceofdil

Live your Life like a Clown.


The only person who feel happy when people laugh on him and that is clown/ Joker / Prankster/buffoon.

People named them whatever they want as they play different characters to make others happy . They live their life to make others happy though internally they are not what they are acting but still they want people to laugh on them , call from different names . They hide their own identity and mix themselves into others to create a world called Happiness.

We have to live our life like them . Whenever people laugh on us while doing any god thing don’t get irritated as they will appreciate you one day when you will be a successful person. People remember those people who make them laugh or cry.

We have to do something for others so that we can also create a happy environment like clowns do.

We have to think like clowns do as they live every single second of their life.The intensity which clowns experience is due to the fact that they live the present moment of each second. Feelings and emotions in the present are the most important things in the world for them, and they are not preoccupied by what the next second will bring. Clowns take time to save the extraordinary inner treasures of the moment. They are unrepentant optimists and have got all the time in the world to wait for things to turn out the way they want.

They are the best teacher for human beings, we need to learn how to live our life  from them.

Live your Life like a Clown.



Copyright © 2017 Voiceofdil



Its  your heartbeat deep in me , taking  my breadth away.

Slowly my eyes closing all the glimpse inside my mind  and falling me your side.

Your touch give me goosebumps , your deep breath make me alive .

My face turned red , My lips got dry , I found myself relaxing every night.

The way you see ,the way you speak , spreading divine attention

I think I have your ADDICTION.






The Sunset.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-05 at 14.51.52

Your rise & hide , glow & bright make the whole world dark & light.

Your shine give green to leaves , your dark will disappear its color.

Your warmth give shine to river ,your dark give sound .

Your brightness give light to clouds , your dullness give quietness .

Your rise  give height to mountains your hide make it shorter.

I wish for your rise daily to make my day brighter.



Copyright © 2017 Voiceofdil

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