Do you want to Buy Oxygen-Air Pollution

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If the scenario will remain same then one day we need to buy Oxygen and will have no choice left to breath polluted &  poisonous air.

We need to control our environment by making it clean otherwise our next generation will surely suffer from Hypoxemia . It is  an abnormally low level of oxygen in the blood. It has many causes, often respiratory disorders, and can cause tissue hypoxia as the blood is not supplying enough oxygen to the body.

Our generation can control it in many ways like:

1- Use public transport
2-Planting trees
3- Use less crackers of festivals
4- Avoid using poly bags
5- Avoid throwing garbage
6- Reutilise waste products
7- Avoid smoke

These are the few ways through which we can avoid high Air-pollution but there are many other things like brick factories , manufacturing industries that need to follow low pollution policies and using machineries with low smoke.

We are the responsible person to make our future generation to suffer.

If we don’t want our future children to spend their life in buying oxygen for them then we have to work from now on wards and make our city or country clean.

A message to all readers to spread it to their love ones to help them in raising their future.

Say No to Pollution.

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When ever you change ,it creates some sound,

Momma & Dadda hide me in their arms.

Your color goes change ,my eyes goes wide,

Its a time to see the storm.

Under my umbrella ,I like to feel the drops of rain,

Its happy tapping of pitter-patter plops.

During the storm , the strong wind blows,

The sky is wild & the rainwater flows.

Something happened to the trees ,

It started with a chilly breeze.

I love  your presence when I am at the home 

sometimes got scare when move to outside.



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