My True Friendship-Song

true friends

When you are angry, who would laugh? If you are left, who would stay?
When you are silent, I am afraid , who would call me their own now.

You are the reason ,I am reason-less, useless, without you. I’m your true friend.

Come, let’s fight for toys again,You win and I’d lose.
Come, let’s make those mischief again,You run away and I’d get beaten

I keep dancing in the happiness,I keep fighting tears.
I am ready to all your sweet cursing words.

Old relationships don’t go anywhere,with a new person coming in.
let me go if I’m going,why are you upset with my leaving?

If you are broken, why are you still attached to me?
why are you turned to me? You don’t have a right to say that we aren’t friends now.

I have rights to your friendship in all seven birth of mine,
I’m your True friend.

All yours I AM

All yours.jpg

I didn’t live my life for a single moment
After separating from you, just listen
Without you, my heart was angry
When I found you, it is telling

I have colored myself
Into your colours
I have just become yours
What I have, doesn’t belong to me, it’s all yours

I have adjusted myself
According to you
I have become only yours
There is nothing mine which I have
All yours, all yours
All yours, all yours

Then when your noise echoed
In the ways of heart
Every heart-beat has become full of fun
When I was blessed like that

I have resurrected after meeting you
I am hidden in your heart-beats
What I have, doesn’t belong to me
All yours, all yours
All yours, all yours

When you are with me
There is life in that moment
Having got you, I got everything
I have no ambition now

I have made just with you
I am without any reason without you
What I have, is not mine
All yours, all yours
All yours, all yours


A lovely song sung by Armaan Malik  ,Shraddha Kapoor