Money – You can’t buy everything


Money , the most important need of our life without it one can’t imagine to survive.

It is tough to accept that now human is also not equal to money as money has taken the first place in your mind but I believe one can’t buy everything from money and I will tell you a short story for it.

One day a girl told his boyfriend that you are not earning much and don’t have money to spent on me so I think I should move on and after that she never met her boyfriend . One day a rich guy propose her and told her that he will marry, girl got emotional and seeing his stability she accepted her proposal . Now she has all the gems for which she was dream about and have a moneyful life.

One day her rich boyfriend was dating some other beautiful girl and she caught him red handed. After asking the reason of ditching her , he told that I was using you for my purpose and you too did the same and now my purpose is over so get out from my life and take few money from me for near future.

Now that girl was all alone , she had money but she don’t have love . One day she saw her Ex boyfriend , she told him curiously that now I have money will stay together and live happily but he replied that now I don’t want you as if you left me once you can leave me again too and now I have my girlfriend with whom I am going to marry. Money I can earn later too but real love I can’t earn from that money and now you too not able to do the same.Live with your money don’t try to buy Love.

One can earn money anytime or at any age but one can’t earn Love from that money anytime or at any age.


Respect Love , its precious than anything.



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Without You I cannot find myself


I have been lost in life for about 3 years now. I studied International Business, but the corporate, normal job life does not fill me. I feel like I can’t adapt to this society, but I can’t find my purpose, my reason, my passion. I feel stuck, nothing happens, nothing really fills me up. I can not find my joy. I have tried to get a normal job, but every time a go to an interview and see all the cubicles, with these people acting like robots, I get so frustrated because it is not what I want, but I need money (I think) and the pressure from my family and society it’s been increasing. I have read that if you find your passion, and start working on that, money will come easily, and life will be great. But that’s my problem, I don’t want a normal life, I’ve always had a problem with authority and people that want to control my life, but I don’t know what kind of life I want. I feel so lost, I wake up with no purpose. I have tried reiki, I have read so many things online like highexistence, and other similar web pages. I have read “conversations with god”, but nothings seems to help me. I don`t know myself. Only thing I know is that freedom is the most important thing for me, and that a normal job won´t give me that, but still I have to eat and survive. So I decided not to quit and listen to my inner soul as I have trust on myself that I can do better and that trust lead me to a beautiful life which I actually want. I tried again and again and today I am able to do anything ,I have no fear,no excuses,no reasons to deny to move on . Today my all dreams comes true because of my trust on me and without it I can’t find myself.



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White – The Color of Love



A survey of hundred letters for information on subjects of Love Color that interest me. One of the questions asked was “When you think of love, what color comes to your mind?”

One person said “money”. I didn’t know what color that was, maybe green, but I wasn’t sure, so, I didn’t give it a color. Two people said love didn’t have any color. Two other people said love was the color of the rainbow. That’s a nice thought. Now only 3 people chose red as the color they thought of as love. This surprised me, since that is the color used most on Valentines’ Day. I guess passion doesn’t necessarily mean love.

There was a tie of 4 each for white and yellow. White is a color of pure love or a wise and happy love. Pink is the choice of 5 people who I think need beauty in their lives. Six people said either lavender, lilac or violet was the color love. I think all of them want some magic and mystery in their love lives. Green was the color chosen by 7 people as the color they thought of as love. These people must want a balanced love and maybe some money too.

The most surprising answer was that 14 people picked blue. I think these people may know about love. Love should be sincere and true. Maybe if you have “the blues”, it is because you don’t have love. Most Blues music is about lost love. Maybe blue is the color of love. I just can’t see sending a blue heart to my lover next Valentines’ Day.

This little survey is not scientific, but it is very interesting.

I honestly think that WHITE is an actual color of Love as it has no limitation of colors whatever you want to paint you can and this is called a transparency of Love.

A Love is called pure Love hen it has no expectation , no limitation , no hesitation. Nothing will stop when love flows in air and that is actually happen when it is transparent.

Out of Seven wonders there is only one wonder represent pure Love that is Taj Mahal situated in Agra , India. It is white in color which represent pure & undefined Love.

You can also give your review on Color of Love and mentioned it in comment.



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When ever you change ,it creates some sound,

Momma & Dadda hide me in their arms.

Your color goes change ,my eyes goes wide,

Its a time to see the storm.

Under my umbrella ,I like to feel the drops of rain,

Its happy tapping of pitter-patter plops.

During the storm , the strong wind blows,

The sky is wild & the rainwater flows.

Something happened to the trees ,

It started with a chilly breeze.

I love  your presence when I am at the home 

sometimes got scare when move to outside.



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