My Buddy

A cute gift from a cute buddy. I always try to understand why people like Teddy bear so much, what is good in it , but when I got it ,it’s like the second biggest happiness of this year.

I call him Happy , as when ever I looked at him ,a wide smile comes on my face. He use to stare me wherever I go and gives a sweet smile and say I’m watching you so don’t kidding.

I like his nose as whenever I try to kiss him it always comes in mid of us and then I hug him tight to at least feel his softness rather kissing him.

I like to rest my head on his legs as it is too soft to get a quick sleep.

He is lucky for me as it brings happiness.

Lots of love to Happy 😘


Every day is a new Beginning

Start your day like it will never come again.Do promises with you to complete all your dreams each day and whatever left will move to the next day target.

Don’t waste your time in thinking much and move your first step to accomplish your dreams.

No one will be responsible for your failures only your are the one who can save yourself.

People will demoralize you , give you negative energy , make you feel down,try to crush your confidence and grab you in their failures but you need to move your steps ahead and never turn back.

Always remember, “Past is your biggest enemy as it always realize your failures , future is your biggest vamp as it always lure your attention and present is your best friend as it always tell your good in you”.

Live in present,do hard work today ,never think about future, forget your past and surely you will feel a new beginning of your life every day ,every moment.


International Women’s Day

A day that reminds us that we should respect women , take care of them more than ourselves and keep them happy so that they brighten our lives.

We celebrate Women’s day to actually revised our brain thoughts to give more respect to each women this year.

In this Sarcastic World ,people do things occasionally. They laugh ,weap , pray & give respect as per occasions but we should think it on regular basis.

We only says “Respect Women” but internally somewhere we knows that we don’t.

Respect comes from inside and we need to teach our inner souls to rediscover our thoughts towards women and give them rights to respect .

So let’s teach our future generations to respect women not because there is a day to celebrate it,it’s because you actually respect women and for which you celebrate a day called Women’s Day.


A Thought



Time & moments passed with your memories , I was unable to relive it.

Thinking , why I am so quite, why I am so distracted , why didn’t I change that moment……Why???

Sometimes I talk to myself , sometimes I only stare, sometimes I live each moment and sometimes I feel alone in rush.

Is it happens with everyone or it’s belong to me only.

I like the sound of silence as I have sound in my mind, I like to be alone as I have lost many .

Some says I have nice smile but actually its a satisfaction of living my life by my choice.

Some says , my eyes speaks alot but actually it is asking you something which you can’t understand.

Some says , you are lucky but it is actually my way of dealing life.

Some says , I am selfish but it is actually I want my people to be happy and so I have to make myself bad.

A good in me is that my persona attract people and I always stay away from all because I like to travel with time.


To be continued………………………


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My True Friendship-Song

true friends

When you are angry, who would laugh? If you are left, who would stay?
When you are silent, I am afraid , who would call me their own now.

You are the reason ,I am reason-less, useless, without you. I’m your true friend.

Come, let’s fight for toys again,You win and I’d lose.
Come, let’s make those mischief again,You run away and I’d get beaten

I keep dancing in the happiness,I keep fighting tears.
I am ready to all your sweet cursing words.

Old relationships don’t go anywhere,with a new person coming in.
let me go if I’m going,why are you upset with my leaving?

If you are broken, why are you still attached to me?
why are you turned to me? You don’t have a right to say that we aren’t friends now.

I have rights to your friendship in all seven birth of mine,
I’m your True friend.

Know your People

know your people.png

How much you know your people? Do you really know them or only judging them or its all your perception of knowing them .

Questions you should ask yourself ?

  1. Do you know them as per their Social info ?
  2. Do you know them as per other’s opinion ?
  3. Do you know them as per their work performance ?
  4. Do you know them as per their official/ professional look ?


5. Do you know them WHAT THEY ACTUALLY ARE ?

Basically we know our people as per the above mentioned 4 Points and we hardly focus on the 5th point as for it we need to work on that person to know him/her and rest 4 Points are easy to Judge anyone.

Every person has dual personality within it . One , which he/she is showing to others as per his/her social , professional & upfront behavior . Second one is what he/she actually is.

Its is difficult to examine the difference between two of them that who is real & who is not and once we know the phenomenon of knowing the difference then we will be able to know exactly about the person.

No one will exactly tell you about how you know your people but yes, you can focus on all 4 points and choose a common behavior out of them to exactly know the 5th point that is what actually is.

All the Best for your Knowing Journey.


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Not Every proposal convert into marriage but yes , every proposal will teach you a lesson for your next proposal to prepare you to make a wise decision in your life.

Proposal are of three kinds :-

  1. Directly for Friendship
  2. Directly for Marriage
  3. Neither for friendship & Marriage

For Friendship :- A person get such kind of proposal when someone feels that he / she is a good person and able to share any things with hide secrets . Friendship is a wonderful relationship which we creates without any pros & cons.

For Marriage :- If a person directly propose you for marriage then it depends on you to accept it or not as I believe there is no relation stays longer if not have a touch of friendship. One should be friends first and then proceed for next relation. Think twice before process.

Neither for friendship & Marriage :- Few proposals are fake & vague. These proposals are only like seasons which has less duration. They looks & feel attractive and crazy but due to its sooner ending it will not last long. These proposal have no confirmation whether it will convert into marriage or friendship.Stay away from such proposals as they may harm you or can give you life long pain.

Friends ,if you have any suggestions for this then please let me know or comment it ,so that we can help our surroundings to secure and help them for a happy proposal.

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