Dearth of Breath

Dearth of Breath

It was 12 O’ clock in the night, my hands was frozen , feet were numb and I was still in sleep dreaming myself outside a church.

Roads were quite as something happened in the city. I was trying to remember where I was… Oh no!!!!!! I don’t have  any sense where I was. I was trying to operate my cellphone …Shit!!!! what happened with it???? Why the hell it is not working ….Dammed.

Suddenly I saw a speedy car stopped in-front of me . Why ??? Who??? What is this??? all questions scratching my head…

……………..Door opened …..

I saw few people came out of the car with an injured girl , blood colored her dress like she wore a red dress , she has long hair trying to cover her face but I was able to see her as wind flowing her hair . I had a sense that she was dead and they were taking her to the hospital besides the church.

Church!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t see it before.

I Recollected my thoughts, Suddenly I feel something on my left shoulder…. Turned around….Who is???? My heart choke , Breath Stop , feet numb , eyes broad open. I was trying to cry loud but unable .

Help me!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is Dearth of Breath , I want to live.

It was her behind me whom I found dead a minute before.

That dream realize me why our breath is so important to us as without it we are nowhere exist.



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Life on Earth without the Sun-Part 2 Continued…


Hello readers as we have already read previous part of ” Life on Earth without sun ” here is the link

Continued part………………………

After the sun’s departure…… Until the availability of coal, petroleum and nuclear fuel, we will keep our cities as bright as before.

But the main reason for our concern is food because….Making food by plants will stop immediately after disappearance of sun. Significantly, 99.99% of our food is currently dependent on the need for photosynthesis.

Most of the world’s vegetation will die soon. The unavailability of food will start world war again and hungry army will not be able to protect us.

A week after the sun’s departure, the average temperature of the Earth will be around -20 degree. At this temperature we can survive but…..The passing of two months temperature will be phenomenally fallen by -100 degrees.

At such a low temperature…Our atmosphere of gases will be frozen in the form of ice and will come to earth as a 100 meter high ice pile of “oxygen-nitrogen snow”. All the oceans on earth will get frozen.

Fatal radiation and charging particles present in the universe coming from the stars, black holes, super nova etc. will directly hit Earth’s and save from these deadly rays which are capable of damaging the DNA. Will not be possible.

Between fatal temperatures and biological conditions and unavailability of food…. There will be no way for the survivors to stay alive in addition to traveling on any other planet adaptable to life.

Will be left behind… A snow covered city, an inexhaustible world, witnessed the disappointing end of humans….. Our own earth.

A rocky snowy world…. On which ever we heard the gossip of human beings, the words of our happiness…But now in this world only human incidents are buried under ice stacks.



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Life on Earth without the Sun.


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Other than all the creatures present on earth, the greatest beauty of  human brain is that, we can imagine those things which actually not happened. And our extraordinary ability helps us to protect our existence by thinking about the dangers we face & planning on them.

So let us go on a journey of such an imaginary world, which is imaginary but coming out of our small human world. We can be helpful to humans in adopting a broader view of the universe.

So let’s ask yourself … what will happen?

If Sun disappears suddenly from the Universe.

Since it takes approximately 500 seconds to reach the sunlight on the Earth … even after it disappears, we will watch the sun in space for 500 seconds.

As soon as 500 seconds have passed .. suddenly the Sun will disappear from the sky without any clues then the whole earth will be covered with darkness all-around.

The portion of the Earth that is full of darkness and suddenly we got to know that Moon is also disappearing from the sky (because the moon is also shining due to sunlight)

Unfortunately … even after a long wait … morning will not come again.

Market of frustration, rumor and fear will start getting panic and fear will take the Earth into its shadow with a mixed terror.

Only about 500 seconds after the sun disappears, from the Earth .. The gravitational bridge of the sun will also end and the earth will be start an endless journey in space.

To be continued…………. In our Next Article.



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Its  your heartbeat deep in me , taking  my breadth away.

Slowly my eyes closing all the glimpse inside my mind  and falling me your side.

Your touch give me goosebumps , your deep breath make me alive .

My face turned red , My lips got dry , I found myself relaxing every night.

The way you see ,the way you speak , spreading divine attention

I think I have your ADDICTION.






Shape your Insight


Our mind is the most powerful gift for us given by the God . It is like a machine like our cellphone whose maintenance is in our hand. We need to polish it daily to get the good output. Whatever we will enter , it will process it automatically sometimes it works itself like when our mobile got hang.The reason behind it is we are force fully giving instructions to think and at the same time it is processing other task.

We need to shape our thoughts to improve our thinking process to get the good result .We need to focus on our thought process step by step .

Firstly , we should know what to take-in means we need to keep learning good things.

2- We have to start using all our senses to improve our thought process.

3- Start believing yourself and stay positive.

4-Give priority to your brain to give you the best result.

5-Repeat what you want to know often.

6- Start differentiating between the do’s and don’ts .

7- Start Accepting your thoughts.

These are few ways to shape your Insight through your Mind , we can improve other things too with more efforts on our weak areas.



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The Sunset.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-05 at 14.51.52

Your rise & hide , glow & bright make the whole world dark & light.

Your shine give green to leaves , your dark will disappear its color.

Your warmth give shine to river ,your dark give sound .

Your brightness give light to clouds , your dullness give quietness .

Your rise  give height to mountains your hide make it shorter.

I wish for your rise daily to make my day brighter.



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