Without You I cannot find myself


I have been lost in life for about 3 years now. I studied International Business, but the corporate, normal job life does not fill me. I feel like I can’t adapt to this society, but I can’t find my purpose, my reason, my passion. I feel stuck, nothing happens, nothing really fills me up. I can not find my joy. I have tried to get a normal job, but every time a go to an interview and see all the cubicles, with these people acting like robots, I get so frustrated because it is not what I want, but I need money (I think) and the pressure from my family and society it’s been increasing. I have read that if you find your passion, and start working on that, money will come easily, and life will be great. But that’s my problem, I don’t want a normal life, I’ve always had a problem with authority and people that want to control my life, but I don’t know what kind of life I want. I feel so lost, I wake up with no purpose. I have tried reiki, I have read so many things online like highexistence, and other similar web pages. I have read “conversations with god”, but nothings seems to help me. I don`t know myself. Only thing I know is that freedom is the most important thing for me, and that a normal job won´t give me that, but still I have to eat and survive. So I decided not to quit and listen to my inner soul as I have trust on myself that I can do better and that trust lead me to a beautiful life which I actually want. I tried again and again and today I am able to do anything ,I have no fear,no excuses,no reasons to deny to move on . Today my all dreams comes true because of my trust on me and without it I can’t find myself.



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Let the bird fly


I have listen you crippling sadly & seen your dreams to fly

Your cage may not pamper you and so your food

I saw you calling your mates from ground to so high

Your voice may not help you and so your barrier

I have  seen their movements change  in due course

They’re a restless lot , their struggles relentless

 But their desire to fly is boundless

I want to let you free & see you flying

Your heart feel happiness & so your world too.

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Freedom ” Do we really have?”


Freedom is stand for giving to everyone an equal opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Our country got freedom years back but people mindset is still same and biased.

In all countries women don’t have equal rights in comparison of men but we always say that both are same and in our mind we don’t have clarity between what we think and what we say.

In few countries men also not get freedom to live their life in their own way.

We have to stop such kind of partiality between men & women . We all know that today’s both are equal and eligible for equal rights .

Stop aborting girls otherwise a day will soon come when men will not find girls to marry.

We know that fight for freedom was only for country freedom not for people mindset but we have to fight like our leaders to change our thinking for broader aspect .We are still caged in our mind and we have to set our self free so that people around us feel happiness.

Our one step towards freedom will help our next generation live happily.

Contribute your efforts and be the change.


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