What Is?

Veganism is a type of vegetarian diet that excludes meat , eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients. Many vegans also do not eat foods that are processed using animal products, such as refined white sugar and some wines.

Vegan refers to either a person who follows this way of eating or to the diet itself.

Why you want to become?

Because you want to realize yourself that killing animal is wrong as they are also like us and their lives are also precious to someone.

Do you know you are killing plants too ?

Why we think that only animals are living being why not plants too. We are cutting plants for our purpose to create many things like papers, wooden products and many more. My concern is ,not to destroy Nature and even not think to play with it. Everything comes under Ecosystem and God made us to eat and being eaten by someone. Plants were born to be eaten by Animals and Animals were born to be eaten by either Big animals or by Human being and human being were born to be eaten by animals after death.

There is nothing permanent ,one need to die one day but killing all animals is not good as God made us Human to eat anything for our best survival and we are misusing our power of dominance and killing animals for our food.We need to think first that why we slaughter animals when we can eat plants too. Is it only about the taste?

Being Vegan is not the topic of right & wrong of killing animal , it is about to think why we go for it.Once we understand the reason of being Vegan then only we can persuade it.

Think and share your comment  with us.


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Right to Education

Right to Education

Right to Education is every Child’s fundamental right 

Our Nation is promoting “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao abhiyan ” means Save Girls Educate Girls campaign.

If we are talking about education then it is mandatory for both boys & girls but people from past generation still believe that girls are born only to take care of home & do home activities . This underdeveloped thinking is still the cause of many countries growth. We have to change or get over from this mindset as today every child is equal whether its boy or girl.

I believe  in freedom to do things by your own way and no indiscretion , Fatwa & underdeveloped thoughts restrict you to not do those things.

Today’s generations are blessed with money as in past people donot have money to send their children to schools. We have opportunities to do something for our nation so as to educate our children for their & nation’s better future.

Its not only Army & Navy guys are doing job to protect our nation. God has given chance to each & every person to do something for their nation in different ways.Given your life is not the only way to prove your patriotism ,its only your good thoughts which will remain in others memory after your death.

We want people to open their mind and think freely and give education to their children. Good education will make their carrier and give different & logical thoughts to next generation .

We want our readers to  support & pass this message to each and every individual so that we can spread it widely.

Share as much as you can.


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Being an Artist.


An artist has the power to recreate anything in their life by their nature of art.They offer a sanctuary of Beauty to this ugly world.

We all have an artist hiding inside us who can create a beautiful world around. We just need to poke it to awake it & to ping it.

An artist is not paid for his Labor but for his vision , James Whistler.A great lines said by the author .

Your work will only be appreciated when your vision is right and true.You have to focus on your vision & make a desire to draw it in its actual form.An art has the power to speak , to illuminate , to reveal , to educate , inspire & motivate.

Being an artist one should not stop dreaming , analyzing & creating as these 3 are the USP  based on which one can become a great artist.

Art of an artist itself communicate the whole story of an artist same as our good doing itself tell about our nature to others.We always try to wake up our inside child to make our mind more creative and function.

For my wonderful artists …Keep it up and create a beautiful world from your Art around you.



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Communication “word’s power”

downloadCommunication is a process through which people exchange their message through different channel.

Our today’s topic is ,do we really think that communication  is only to exchange your message with each other.I will say a BIG NO to it.

Because the major problem of communication in today’s scenario is we don’t listen to understand ,we listen to reply.

Today’s generation only want to give reply of any commutation with no clues of right  & wrong and later that communication will end up in fight or debate.

A right communication will lead a conversation to the right path where we get our result and vice-versa will create barriers.

A simple way of a good communication is first listen what others want to say then understand it or get the reason of saying and then understand it , If everyone will follow this process of communication then we may not create any barrier and result into hassle free communication.

Say correct , understand correct and process correct!

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Education -Future Maker or Future Destroyer ?



Education is a key to success , we have learned this phrase in our childhood but do we really think it is true?

If we will go with the phrase then it is actually true but if we will go with the actual means of education in today’s life then it is not the only key to success. A good Education may make your  future bright but a bad education will lead to a worst life.

A good education is not only to read your bag books but to read the right or the wrong things of your life.

Education of bad things will not looks you bad but when it will show in your activities it will make you wrong.

Education is to learn what is right or wrong , what is desirable or undesirable , what to choose what to not. Try to meet  a good teacher inside you rather to flow with a bad one.



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Change “A step towards betterment “

Our surrounding have many people with different thinking and sort of nature. We have already talk about thinking in our previous post Life “different people , different thinking”. Now we want to talk about CHANGE , it creates betterment in our thinking, nature,life style , imagination and many other things.

Things we should do to change atleast our surroundings not the whole world as it will change as people change.

Cleaning: we need to clean our work and living station and tell others to do the same. Its not about dust or garbage its about your thinking which you need to clean on daily ly basis.

Avoid Anger: Anger is the biggest enemy of us. Stop showing your frustation to others and try to be calm.

Respect : Respect act like a  power ingredient in your relationdish. Show it frequently so that people feel comfort and friendly  zone near you.

Adoption: Adopt whatever you feel good, adopt good friends,good habits , new things, communication & whatever is good. Adopt a child , it makes you feel proud.

Listen: listening is the quality of a good person. Try to listen first and then say. It helps in resolving issues,fights,anger. Listening is the solution of all the bad things which is happening with you.

Change will change the people and people will change the world.



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