Being an Artist.


An artist has the power to recreate anything in their life by their nature of art.They offer a sanctuary of Beauty to this ugly world.

We all have an artist hiding inside us who can create a beautiful world around. We just need to poke it to awake it & to ping it.

An artist is not paid for his Labor but for his vision , James Whistler.A great lines said by the author .

Your work will only be appreciated when your vision is right and true.You have to focus on your vision & make a desire to draw it in its actual form.An art has the power to speak , to illuminate , to reveal , to educate , inspire & motivate.

Being an artist one should not stop dreaming , analyzing & creating as these 3 are the USP  based on which one can become a great artist.

Art of an artist itself communicate the whole story of an artist same as our good doing itself tell about our nature to others.We always try to wake up our inside child to make our mind more creative and function.

For my wonderful artists …Keep it up and create a beautiful world from your Art around you.



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ART ” An Imaginary World”


Art is what we imagine in our mind & design by our hands . Its an imaginary creation where we need to think first then draw it in our mind & then sketch it. People want to express there feelings by their art , its a self motivation thing.

Whenever you feel low or discourage go and draw something you love ,like & want in your life. Your imagination will convert your dreams into reality because you yourself crafting your dreams on paper.

Your Art shows the reality of your inner soul that how deep it is how colourful it is and how lively it lives.

Friends share your best drawing with us , we will hep you to know how deep your inner soul is.


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