Valentine’s Gift

Ting tong…..It’s my door bell.

Who the hell is disturbing me while I’m taking a nap on ..13.02.18 @ 3:56 P.M.

Ahhhhh!!! Ting..tong again….. Ohk ,I’m coming, please wait outside.

I forget to wear all important accessories, without it how can I open the door….My door doesn’t have eye to check who is outside.

Yeahhhh, after wearing all my stuff, I am ready to check the stupid person who is stealing my most precious time…..Ahhhhh.

Door opened,”A tall boy standing outside and thats what I can see through from the second grid door after the wooden one. My landlord is too smart as he placed two doors for safety rather to place a door eye….hahahaha.

Yess..who are you and why you are here,”I asked.He replied,” Mam I am from Domino’s and here is your order.

Whattttttt….I don’t like Pizza and I never placed any order today.Ahhhh

He then confirmed the address and name which is not at all matched with mine except one thing that I am hungry and I have not cooked food for me.

About to say no to him but my mouth uttered YES….A big YESSSSSSSSS.

Oh , I forget that I have ordered it as I am in sleepy mode….Thanku very much bhaiyaaaa “A typical Indian word that boys hate” and then I opened that door to receive pizza to burn my hunger.

I ate it like I love it ,ohhh , can I call it my valentine gift…..yeahhhh thanks to that person though I know right now he /she definitely cursing Domino’s for the order delayed ….hahahaha

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Life”mixed people,mixed thoughts”.

Life…we live ,others live then what we differentiate or compare with others. We met many people,few we found good rest not much. Some we love a lot and some we may hate. Life is to get in people in your life ,experience them ,love them ,teach them or get knowledge from them and make your mind set that may be they will go one day and never come back. Life is to involve yourself with someone whom you can give your best ,don’t expect much ,spread love and stay happy.

People have different thoughts but no one is good for everyone. If we love someone there must be someone who will hate that person too. One must have patience, trust,love,forgiveness. These four facts of life have the power to change people ,their lives and their thoughts.

We must encourage people for their good things and it will empower their trust towards you ,stop criticizing others just let the love and care flow and mix with wind.

Just live and let others live too happily.😊



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