Tiny Nose

Tiny nose.jpg

I have read about many cute things but the cutest thing I have ever found is your little, tiny nose.

It shrinks when you smile , looks cute when you sleep and side portion of it is like a popup which triggers me to touch & feel it.

One can fall in love with many things but I fall in love with your tiny nose.

It is soft like your lips , smooth like your cheeks , beautiful like your eyes and small like your smile.

It shows your true nature towards me…. Whenever I want to tease you I like to touch it and irritate you .

Its all in me of you.






You were no where and now you are everywhere. Its hard to understand how a person who never belongs to you will become your life and more than your all priorities.

Its God who made these relation in heaven and set meeting on earth.We grow this relation with our love and trust to create a never ending bond. Its not only for a birth its for next seven birth.

This is the only relation which you can’t change as it is fixed by God and its hard to believe how he knows the exact match of us.

Loving your partner is just like worshiping God and your togetherness will always last for long.

Its my saying, ” If you are happy you can make entire world happy”.

Stay together , love your partner , live your Love.



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Two Strangers -Poem


Your eyes My eyes had a fight , that made us close for a while,

I found you sweet , you found me right in the twilight.

Your face so white ,your voice so light , that made me sink in my dreams tonight,

I found my heart pumping so fast , you made me crazy to hug you tight.

You are my love forever of life , that made me true for a while,

I found my heart bending for you , will you be mine till the end of life.




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Trust ” Compulsion or Hope?”


First of all thanks to all for give their love to the “VOICE OF DIL” and this is because of your trust on us to give you new and different articles everyday.

Trust…?  Every one of us must have either done or have trusted the others.

But what is this, is it our compulsion or hope?

Or trust is such a light that fills the path of our lives with expectations or trust is such a bond that connects us with unknown ones whom we have never met before.

In this world, nothing is possible without trust as we cannot do everything by ourselves, sometimes we need someone else, and for this we choose someone, can it be possible without trust?…..No.

In the journey of life sometimes we got some people who break our trust in one stroke but there are also some people who are willing to do anything to keep our trust.

If trust connects relationships, So this is also the reason for the breakdown of strong relationships.

A one of the great example of trust is marriage. In which we assign our present and future to the someone unknown, just think that the person will respect it and take care.

Now the point of thought is that it is our compulsion that life has to be shared with somebody, or the hope which tells us that he will surely appreciate it and take care of it.

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Couples “Husband & Wife.


Husband : A man who has responsibility to take care of his girl and give her entire happiness of the world .

Wife: A girl who has responsibility to understand her hubby and always take steps together with him .

In today’s world this definition of husband and wife failed. We have partners but we don’t respect them . We have relations but don’t accept ,we have years together but we don’t live , we have emotion but we can’t understand , we have love but we can’t express We only listen to answer not to understand.

We meet each-other, love together , marry together , having kids together but why then why cant we understand each-other.

We have to live relation purely & truly . We have to learn how to give things to others not always want to take & take. We have to give respect to our partner ,use good language , create love , spread love and make trust that yes I am the Girl or Boy who is going to take care of you in future forever and forever.

Spread Love don’t disburse Relations.



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