A thought…. Continued


Is there any sleep which will never wake me up , Is there any smile which will never make me sad.

Some knows I never express but actually no one cares, if I speak.

Some says, I am a fool but actually it’s my nature to forgive.

I like to count stars because moon is loved by all.

I never follow others because they don’t have me in them.

Some says , I have belief in friendship but actually they know me other than else.

There is only one thought which make me alive that I’m not born to die.

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Let me heal the world.


I donot know who I am, but I can heal bad souls & spirits and give them chance to relive or relief. My nature is not to get disturbed from all negative energies as I am the part of positivity.

I always try to make people happy and show them right way to do things. I may not be with everyone but yes I am present in everyone souls.

I like to see healthy environment and wish to fulfill all wishes to spread love in the air.

I hate when people fight with each other and forget that they are human being and they got this chance of human birth just to do things for others.

People have belief in me and I have belief in people and in each era I want to spread more good souls to this world.

I want to heal pain of all and want my world to live happily. I always remember one thing that I am here because of you all are here because of me.

People call me God , Allah , Maulah, Jesus , Saint and I call them my CHILD. My love for my every child is equal but way to understand them the value of correct path is different.

I wish all my child let me Heal this world.

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Right to Education

Right to Education

Right to Education is every Child’s fundamental right 

Our Nation is promoting “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao abhiyan ” means Save Girls Educate Girls campaign.

If we are talking about education then it is mandatory for both boys & girls but people from past generation still believe that girls are born only to take care of home & do home activities . This underdeveloped thinking is still the cause of many countries growth. We have to change or get over from this mindset as today every child is equal whether its boy or girl.

I believe  in freedom to do things by your own way and no indiscretion , Fatwa & underdeveloped thoughts restrict you to not do those things.

Today’s generations are blessed with money as in past people donot have money to send their children to schools. We have opportunities to do something for our nation so as to educate our children for their & nation’s better future.

Its not only Army & Navy guys are doing job to protect our nation. God has given chance to each & every person to do something for their nation in different ways.Given your life is not the only way to prove your patriotism ,its only your good thoughts which will remain in others memory after your death.

We want people to open their mind and think freely and give education to their children. Good education will make their carrier and give different & logical thoughts to next generation .

We want our readers to  support & pass this message to each and every individual so that we can spread it widely.

Share as much as you can.


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Your Help can change the World.


Dear Readers & Followers,

We are doing good and need your support to grow more and spread awareness to people. More you share the knowledge with your friends circle more people get aware of good thing and you will become the reason for their life change.

Our team need your support and want you to become our volunteer and spread life changing thoughts to your love one so that everyone feel happy and motivated only by one click of your sharing.

We hope that you also want to become our best volunteer and help those people who are actually needy and not get related articles by their own.

Our team of Voice of Dil bought to you the Life Changing Articles to make a little difference in this world and if you guys help us only by sharing and not spending a single penny  then may be we together can create a BIG DIFFERENCE in this world of thoughts.

Help Us, Help People , Help yourself , Help World.


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Persistence “Be Like water drop on a rock”.

Can anyone imaging that  dripping of a water drop hollow out stone , not through force but through persistence.

What it means……?

It gives us a lesson to how persistent efforts of a water drop leave marks on a rock. If something as soft as water can carve a hole in solid rock, how much more so can your strong efforts of doing any thing will draw your desire into reality.

There is no late of doing anything & your efforts will make a change.

Be like a water drop and one day you will get whatever you want. Once you have something in your mind , it is there as you are the one who will make it true and your strong efforts of doing that thing will convert it into reality.

Be the one , be the change , Be like a water drop.

Water drop


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Communication “word’s power”

downloadCommunication is a process through which people exchange their message through different channel.

Our today’s topic is ,do we really think that communication  is only to exchange your message with each other.I will say a BIG NO to it.

Because the major problem of communication in today’s scenario is we don’t listen to understand ,we listen to reply.

Today’s generation only want to give reply of any commutation with no clues of right  & wrong and later that communication will end up in fight or debate.

A right communication will lead a conversation to the right path where we get our result and vice-versa will create barriers.

A simple way of a good communication is first listen what others want to say then understand it or get the reason of saying and then understand it , If everyone will follow this process of communication then we may not create any barrier and result into hassle free communication.

Say correct , understand correct and process correct!

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Change “A step towards betterment “

Our surrounding have many people with different thinking and sort of nature. We have already talk about thinking in our previous post Life “different people , different thinking”. Now we want to talk about CHANGE , it creates betterment in our thinking, nature,life style , imagination and many other things.

Things we should do to change atleast our surroundings not the whole world as it will change as people change.

Cleaning: we need to clean our work and living station and tell others to do the same. Its not about dust or garbage its about your thinking which you need to clean on daily ly basis.

Avoid Anger: Anger is the biggest enemy of us. Stop showing your frustation to others and try to be calm.

Respect : Respect act like a  power ingredient in your relationdish. Show it frequently so that people feel comfort and friendly  zone near you.

Adoption: Adopt whatever you feel good, adopt good friends,good habits , new things, communication & whatever is good. Adopt a child , it makes you feel proud.

Listen: listening is the quality of a good person. Try to listen first and then say. It helps in resolving issues,fights,anger. Listening is the solution of all the bad things which is happening with you.

Change will change the people and people will change the world.



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