My Buddy

A cute gift from a cute buddy. I always try to understand why people like Teddy bear so much, what is good in it , but when I got it ,it’s like the second biggest happiness of this year.

I call him Happy , as when ever I looked at him ,a wide smile comes on my face. He use to stare me wherever I go and gives a sweet smile and say I’m watching you so don’t kidding.

I like his nose as whenever I try to kiss him it always comes in mid of us and then I hug him tight to at least feel his softness rather kissing him.

I like to rest my head on his legs as it is too soft to get a quick sleep.

He is lucky for me as it brings happiness.

Lots of love to Happy 😘


You understand me like Me

You know every bit of me. Internally and externally nothing is hidden from you.I never had a fight with you ,we only understand each other.

Miracle happens,but for me it never. I always try to be a miracle for me and you always support me. We never played questionnaire as we know each of us answer.

We truly trust on each other and created a never ending bond.I found many people in my life but you were the best and the bestest part of mine.

With you, I was never alone ,never regreted,never sad ,never demotivated though you don’t know the correct spelling of these words but you never allowed me to be the part of it and that’s how you show a real human being inside you ,and I really proud of you.

You always know what I feel and how I react but how??? How you know me so deeply that I even don’t know.

You understand me like me ,thanks for such a great journey with you.





Friendship is a beautiful relation not given by god , its totally man made.

Friends are the only people in this world with whom we can share anything or you can say everything from sad to happiness, lie to truth , open to secrets , mixed to clear talks , past to future , wife to husband  each and everything.

I think that if we are with our favourite buddies then will feel so awesome . We forget our worries ,left our sadness , throw our headaches and just want to live that span of time with full of happiness.

There is no one in this world who can understand you as well as your friends . This is not that they know you well this is because they always want to be with you and then whatever be the reason they will be with you.

Don’t loose your any single buddy they are like a precious gems which you will never ever able to buy.


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