Be Fearless


First Know what is Fear

99% people ask how to overcome fear or how to get rid of fear but no one ask What is Fear?

First ask yourself the most important question “what is Fear”? Is it what we are feeling or Is it nothing?

Actually fear tighten us or force us to do actions whether bad or good, fear is dominating our mind and controlling our activities. For examples, if earthquake comes then we definitely feel fear of death because we have attachments with our body and family and attachment comes from desire so fear comes from attachment. Where there is an attachment there is Fear.

Your attachment is the only reason of your fear like we have concern for our wife & children and when we have a thought of loosing them then we feel fear. We are actually not loving them, if yes ,then we have to give them freedom to do things or to go anywhere as per their wish and then we will not have any fear in our mind.

So we have to get rid of our attachments as it is not love it is the outcome of our desire and love has no attachments, if yes, then you will be biased and if biased then its not love.So if we start loving our people around us then we will never have fear in our mind.

Because Love has no fear ,it has freedom.


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Belief Vs Truth

Belief Vs Truth

What is Belief?

Belief is what we think about a particular thing and except it as a truth is called Belief.

What is Truth?

Truth doesn’t require someone’s thought to prove itself , Truth is always truth no matter what you think.

Belief Vs Truth

For example , When we see someone’s positive points we describe it as a good human being but when the same person do some unexpected thing we immediately change our opinion about him/her.

Actually , we start processing his/her negative points in our mind with overthinking  and find its consciousness to prove it right . Its our belief that the same person is not good as he/she did some wrong conduct as per our opinion but this is not true at all.

Truth is what that person is actual or in reality and we can see someone’s reality only when we remove our all over thoughts from our mind and then see the actual one.

No one is right and wrong for everyone , there are always circumstances which predict the right and wrong of a person, there is always you who over think about a subject and prove it right and wrong in your mind but in reality it is far from the Truth.

We can only differentiate such things with our knowledge and maturity.

Fire burns is a truth but your soul is yours is a belief as you have nothing your own.



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Aspects of Happiness

Happiness is not earn by anything not even money can do it.

Today we will talk about the Aspects of happiness. There are two types of happiness ,one is when we do things for us through making others happy and one is when we do things for others to make them happy and through which we also get happiness.

I know it’s little complicated to understand what I am talking about but it’s true and most of the people are not aware of these most important aspects of Happiness.

1- As per our first aspect of happiness we are making others happy for just our sake of happiness . Like few people show others that because of them you are happy but actually they are doing this just to make themselves happy. They basically steal your happiness one day after showing you long time happiness and then you realise that they are actually making you happy just to make themselves happy.

2- As per our second aspect of happiness, one will give you all happiness whether they are in worst situation but from heart they want to see you happy always . Here such kind of people are not stealing your happiness ,they are just trying to do their best to make you happy that’s it.

We rarely find second kind of people and mostly people get confused between the first and the second as they actually don’t know the exact difference of happiness.

So beware of such people as they may give you happiness but actually one day they steal all your trust.

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Is your look is your identity?



Few days before I have seen a video where a group organize an activity in which they examine how people attract from beauty not from person .

An activity describes:

First Test : A small girl was in lead role , organizers dressed her like a poor girl and tell her to stand in the middle of  the street . People passed from that lane saw her and find her poor by her cloths so they ignored her and even not asked her from where she came from.

This test shows that if you wear teared cloths then may be no one see you or praise you as your first expression towards people will become your identity and people judge you accordingly.

Second Test : To prove these above said assumption wrong , team decided to do makeover of the small girl and dressed her like a doll and tell her to stand at the previous place.

Few minute later , one lady came to her and asked from whom she belong and sooner many people came close to see her or clicked pictures with her because of her beauty and charm.

This test confirmed their assumptions true which concludes that 90 % of people believe your beauty is your identity and they recognize you with it only.


Dear Readers , we want your assumption & comments on this.

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My Journey towards My Blog

Hello Readers ,

I am glad to tell you how & why I am here with Voice of dil.

It’s a long journey of my thoughts & views which want to spread on papers and read by readers like you.

It’s tough to explain each & every thoughts of your life to other person . Sometimes I use to talk to myself to tell me that I am my only close friend and share-taker of my thoughts.

Dreaming is good but live with that dream is not that easy the way we dream.

I always like to write my thoughts by different means or sometimes I decorate things around me to give the beauty of my thoughts which is unable to write.

Slowly, I decided to motivate people whom I know or don’t know to motivate them in their bad times and my friends appreciated me for my good work. After that I decided to write my own blog so that more people get aware of my thoughts and may be out of million of people few people find good ideas from my thoughts.

I believe in writing short but to the point. I know I am not much good in writing but soon I will surely win hearts of my readers .

I always want to share my thoughts to people and want them to take another thought too before implementing mine.

Thanks for your support & concern in spreading my ideas to your love ones.

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The Liebster Award 2


Thank you very much to The Girl in Green Scarf for nominating me for the leibster award. She blogs about lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion. You definitely need to check her out.

Here I’m answering the questions she asked.

What was your worst travel experience?

I have travel a lot in India & outside too. I donot think that travel can be worst ever . Each travel give us some good & bad things but we have to accept only good things and positivity gives us only good things.

What is the furthest away you have been from home?

I have been to @Russia for the first time outside India and it is an amazing place to visit.Nice people & Nice environment. One should must visit there once in life.

Where would you like to live in the future?

London is my dream place to live. I want to stay there for a long time.

Would you like to have children one day? If so, how many?

I need only one baby and I wish I will give birth to a baby girl. Girls are the most beautiful creation of the God.

What is your all-time favorite book?

Voice of dil my own blog …I want to read it again and again till end of my life as it has all my thoughts I have in my mind.

What is your pet peeve?

I don’t have any pet yet as my husband afraid of them .He likes them but not much.

What is your worst habit?

There is nothing worst in this world each worst or good things have one good or worst thing itself. there is nothing 100% worst thing in this world.

What is the weirdest thing you have ever done?

I still can’t figure it out why I did this. I tried to run my cycle but I didn’t check that its chain was off from the back tyre…hahahahhaha that day I laughed 1 hr after realizing that my cycle chain is not in proper manner.

If you knew you were going to die in 24 hours, what three things would you do in the time you had left?

1- I will write my biography.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I think my blog is the greatest achievement.This blog has helped me to be reconsidered and recognize by the people . Helped me in clearing my mind and allowing me to socialize in my own way of comfort.

Would you rather visit the world 100 years into the past or 100 years into the future?

I always believe to move forward rather to look past…I will visit 100 years into the future

This was my blog for liebster award 2.

Here are my nominees.

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And for the answers you will answer the same questions I answered. Because they were fun and interesting to write and so will be to read.

For this award I’m nominating these 6 of blogger. You definitely need to check them out. All about Life , Motivation , Fashion , Fiction ,.

Hope you all enjoyed this blog . Thank you for reading and don’t forget to link down below to your answers. I am waiting to read.

Thank you and continue its craze  ❤ ❤ ❤



Don’t think about barriers just do your efforts and I’m here to hug you ,says achievement.

Achievers are always  goal oriented people .They never worried about the barriers, they just move on & on close to their target .

There is only one difference between Achievers & Non Achievers that they finish their journey and others quit.

Barriers , it itself a level which is uses for testing your level of patience that how much you can bear and from how much strength you will restart.

Whenever we face any barrier , our first thought is Oh no! how I’ll cross it but it should be like Yes, Its easy to cross. Our positive thinking implant positive bacteria in our body which stimulate more courage to do that task and somehow we are capable to do the same.

I believe that postivity is an another way to achieve anything as it plays a vital role in process of any target achievement.

So friends be positive , be enthusiastic , be courageous and be an Achievers.

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