You understand me like Me

You know every bit of me. Internally and externally nothing is hidden from you.I never had a fight with you ,we only understand each other.

Miracle happens,but for me it never. I always try to be a miracle for me and you always support me. We never played questionnaire as we know each of us answer.

We truly trust on each other and created a never ending bond.I found many people in my life but you were the best and the bestest part of mine.

With you, I was never alone ,never regreted,never sad ,never demotivated though you don’t know the correct spelling of these words but you never allowed me to be the part of it and that’s how you show a real human being inside you ,and I really proud of you.

You always know what I feel and how I react but how??? How you know me so deeply that I even don’t know.

You understand me like me ,thanks for such a great journey with you.



Aspects of Happiness

Happiness is not earn by anything not even money can do it.

Today we will talk about the Aspects of happiness. There are two types of happiness ,one is when we do things for us through making others happy and one is when we do things for others to make them happy and through which we also get happiness.

I know it’s little complicated to understand what I am talking about but it’s true and most of the people are not aware of these most important aspects of Happiness.

1- As per our first aspect of happiness we are making others happy for just our sake of happiness . Like few people show others that because of them you are happy but actually they are doing this just to make themselves happy. They basically steal your happiness one day after showing you long time happiness and then you realise that they are actually making you happy just to make themselves happy.

2- As per our second aspect of happiness, one will give you all happiness whether they are in worst situation but from heart they want to see you happy always . Here such kind of people are not stealing your happiness ,they are just trying to do their best to make you happy that’s it.

We rarely find second kind of people and mostly people get confused between the first and the second as they actually don’t know the exact difference of happiness.

So beware of such people as they may give you happiness but actually one day they steal all your trust.

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Gratitude. A story


A 6-year-old boy was going out of the market with his four-year-old sister. Suddenly, she thought that her sister was left behind. He stopped, looked back and noticed that his sister was observing something in front of a toy shop. The boy comes back and asks the sister, & quote; Do something you want? & Girl shows up a doll’s in that shop.

The child grasps her hand, like a responsible elder brother, she gives the doll to her sister.

The shopkeeper was watching all this, and was surprised to see the behavior of the child.

Now she came to the counter with the baby sister and asked the shopkeeper “How much is this doll of value?  The shopkeeper was a quiet and deep person, he had seen many ups and downs of life, he loved children with great love and affection.

He asked boy what you can pay for this Doll?

The child takes out all the pebbles from his pocket and gives it to the shopkeeper which he collected near the seashore. The shopkeeper counts each as if he is counting the money. After counting all the pebbles he looked at the child, the child said, Sir is nothing short??  Shopkeeper: -No – No, this is more than the price of this doll, I give it back more. The child happily kept the pebbles in pocket and took the sister along with him. All this was looking by the shop keeper’s assistant, he surprised by the owner! So expensive doll .

Did you give in exchange for only 4 pebbles?  The shopkeeper laughing with a smiling satisfaction said, it is only oyster for us but it is very valuable for the child of 6 years and now when he will be at our age he will know what are the money?

But when he will be big … And when he remembers that he had given the doll to the sister instead of the pebbles, then he will come to my remembrance, and then he will think that; This world is full of good people. This same thing will help in increasing the positive attitude inside them and that too to become a good person.

Being Human.



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