Don’t leave yourself

Think about others but don’t leave yourself behind.

In my all articles, I want to explain people not to loose yourself. Getting yourself is the biggest achievement.

Helping others is our social responsibility but loving yourself is our self commitment.

I always believe that you can make people happy only if you are happy.

Remember that people come and go,and of all the people in your life ,you are the one who is there to stay. You are the one who can choose to love yourself, choose to respect yourself and promise with all your heart and soul that you will never leave you.

Good or bad things happens in our life for a good cause and we need to learn from it rather to depress ourself.

One day , we need to leave this world and before it we need to utilise our life to make first yourself happy than others, for long term.

Believe yourself and never leave yourself before it leaves you.

Thank You “To The Best Teacher of Our Life”


We always say the most common word Thank You to everyone but do we realize its actual value or the day when it is actually required?

May be No or sometimes Yes we do.

So we now Say !!!! A Thank You to those from whom we learn something i.e our Teacher , leader , friends & enemies. The two words which define the existence of praise , motivation, affection and appreciation.

A Thanks to those from whom we learn how to grow our life and know our ambition.Those who told us how to make our  future and set our goal to achieve.

A Thanks  to those who were our best time mates and teach us good and bad stuff of our life.

A thanks to those who were bad to us and told us how to find a genuine friend.

A thanks to those who taught us how we can choose the best perspective of our life.

A thanks to our leaders who lead us the right path of our life.

A Big thanks to all of them who were and are the part of our life and told us that we also have some value , respect & position in their life.



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