Silence “The strongest Voice”

Silence is the strongest noise which is louder than words. When words are not enough to explain anything you show your silence which doesn’t mean that you are accepting other’s choas ,it means that you are waiting for the right time to express your silence into words.

A wise person not react on everything comes to him, he wait for the right time and moment so that he can prove his things wisely.

Few people presume silence as a weakness of others but you should beware of as you never know what exactly that person want to do.

Sometime, it’s right to keep shut your mouth as you can’t make understand each and every person by your words.Give time to other to think about his/her wrong things and let him analyse why he makes other person quite.

To understand your negative points is much harder than to make others realize their negative aspects.

Your silence is the only punishment which you can give to other to make them realize that yes you did wrong things and you should accept the same rather blaming others for their negatives.

Make your silence louder than your words.

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Anger ” the silent killer”

41m0YqFhsLL._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_Anger is the most dangerous disease one can ever have. A disease have no cure , no doctor can  treat it and silently it will kill you from inside and the worst thing is that none of your body part got damage . This is the only disease which will effect others or your surroundings but it will kill you from inside.

I strongly encourage you to pay close attention to reduce your anger otherwise it will destroy your life and your love ones will go far away from you.

Good luck, my friends!



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