International Women’s Day

A day that reminds us that we should respect women , take care of them more than ourselves and keep them happy so that they brighten our lives.

We celebrate Women’s day to actually revised our brain thoughts to give more respect to each women this year.

In this Sarcastic World ,people do things occasionally. They laugh ,weap , pray & give respect as per occasions but we should think it on regular basis.

We only says “Respect Women” but internally somewhere we knows that we don’t.

Respect comes from inside and we need to teach our inner souls to rediscover our thoughts towards women and give them rights to respect .

So let’s teach our future generations to respect women not because there is a day to celebrate it,it’s because you actually respect women and for which you celebrate a day called Women’s Day.


Don’t leave yourself

Think about others but don’t leave yourself behind.

In my all articles, I want to explain people not to loose yourself. Getting yourself is the biggest achievement.

Helping others is our social responsibility but loving yourself is our self commitment.

I always believe that you can make people happy only if you are happy.

Remember that people come and go,and of all the people in your life ,you are the one who is there to stay. You are the one who can choose to love yourself, choose to respect yourself and promise with all your heart and soul that you will never leave you.

Good or bad things happens in our life for a good cause and we need to learn from it rather to depress ourself.

One day , we need to leave this world and before it we need to utilise our life to make first yourself happy than others, for long term.

Believe yourself and never leave yourself before it leaves you.