New Year Resolution

Resolution 2018

2017 has gone yesterday. I will miss each and every day of it. I learned a lot , experience alot , travel alot and enjoyed alot. I will remember all bad part of it too to make my better tomorrow.

We take Resolution every year to restart life with better and new prospective and so I too do the same.

I will live for myself.

I am not going to hate anyone,not to over love ,not to judge ,not to over think ,not to protect,not to explain. I am going to live each and every moment of my life like it will be the last day of it.

I protect myself , educate myself ,endure myself ,love myself.

May be I will not be the part of my life in next year as you never know when your journey will end ,so live yourself today and don’t waste your precious time to give meaningless suggestions to others and save your time to explore yourself rather to others.

Live for yourself.




Happy New Year 2018

                        Welcome 2018

Finally, Just 1 day to the end of 2017.*

To My Creator = *I  say Thank  You.
To my true friends = *I appreciate  you all.
To those who showed me love = *I’m grateful.
To those who hurt me = *I  forgive  and forget.
To those I really hurt = *I’m so sorry, please forgive me.
To those who challenged me = *lets do it again.*

To those I showed love to = *I still love you and I ALWAYS WILL.                              To those who helped me =  *I am so grateful and will reciprocate in due season.*




Love is always One sided

It makes me happy that’s why I’m doing it.

People are doing things to make themselves happy by saying the above said famous line. All of us trying to make ourself happy and becoming selfish as we never think about the second person.

Love is always One sided and most of the  people are in dilemma that love is always two sided which is not true as two sided love is only a expectation of our mind which has no connection with true love. We can’t control other side love, we can control our side only and how to do it is the question.

What makes me happy???? Today’s whole world is doing this thing to make themselves happy which is only a selfish approach towards any relation and it will lead to conflicts as we are not thinking about others.

In any relation when conflicts occurs it’s always because both person are thinking about their happiness. Both person have the same pain but one think that only I am in pain and other has less or no pain.

You can’t be happy by running for happiness for yourself. When we accept this thing that love is only one sided then we have no expectations from other and this is called true or pure love.

But ,no expectations is not our cup of tea as we are born to expect things. Expectation in my words is freedom of thoughts to accept bad or good things of other when you are in love with anyone.

Conflicts occurs when we have different state of mind in our relation which is not common and we only compare this common thing when we feel that love is both sided . 

If we accept that love is one sided then only we start loving the person even his or her negative points too.

Give freedom of thoughts to your Love.

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Let them hate you

If you’re like most people, you probably waste a huge percentage of your time worrying about what others think about you, and then behaving in a way that will prevent others from disliking you.

But why do we do this? What’s so wrong with being hated for who you are?

We are raised to believe that it’s good to be liked by as many people as possible, as demonstrated by politeness, giving respect to elders regardless of their behavior. We are told, in no uncertain terms, that it’s good to be loved and bad to be hated.

But is this true? What do we lose when we try to win someone’s love? I believe nothing.

We explore a world without people-pleasing and fake, manipulative attempts to make people like you. You need not to try to please people as you have rights to do whatever you want without harming anyone.

People need a point for gossip. If you do good things then also people find a negative point ,so don’t need to luer anyone just leave what people say or why they hate as they themselves don’t know why they hate.

Let them hate you.. you  just need to move on.

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Secret Santa  🎅

Christmas Eve is a big day ,we all wait for our secret Santa 🎅 on this very special day.

It’s a day of surprises, gifts, blessings,new start and love.

Santa , a person, who loves us and want to fulfill our wish with no condition or take back.

Santa,a special person of our life either for a second or for the life time will give us a true happiness of festival.

Santa can be your mother ,father ,love, friends, neighbor or anyone. On this special occasion we expect gifts from our secret Santa.

So those who have not  receive their gifts from secret Santa need to wait till midnight as still you have time to get it.

Your gift may or may not be visible but yes I am sure you will surely feel something special on this occasion and believe me it would the special gift of this year.

Voice of Dil , wish you and your family a very special and full of love Christmas. Enjoy it and make it the best day of the year 2017.
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Live every moment of Life.

Happiness has no time to come to us, we have to find it in each and every single moment.

Why we have to wait for any occasion to feel happy when our life itself an occasion everyday when we find ourself alive every morning.

Why we need friends to share our daily soaps for happiness when we have mirror who can listen us the way we are.

Why we need camera to click our selfies for happiness when we have our eyes to see the whole world as original as it is.

Why we need love from someone to feel us special each day for happiness when we have our mom for whom we are already so special.

Why we need money to roam for happiness when we have our home to make ourself relax.

We need to feel these little things as our special happiness of our day to day life as we don’t need a special moment to be happy.

Life is short to live so live it’s each and every moment as it’s last day and stay happy .
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Allow yourself for a New World



Acceptance is a difficult task one should start accepting factual things as soon as possible. We need to prepare our self to accept daily facts & truth and try to come out from our inside dilemma .

Acceptance of the fact that nothing is yours :- You were born with nothing and when you will leave this world you will not carry anything , then for what you are worried about.

Body , Soul ,Mind none is yours. We can’t control any of them by our wish then for what we are fighting for.

Acceptance of the fact that you belong to no one: Our relatives, colleagues , friends , family are only a character of our life chapter.One day when anyone’s role finish , character finished.Your attachments with all is only memories or data base of your mind.

Acceptance of the fact that you have a limited time: Your time is limited ,so perform your task for which you were born.Know your value of life and find a reason that why you are here and for what reason.

Acceptance of all these facts is necessary for us to get the clear picture of our life and a close view of our target so that we can face the new world and accept it’s truth as it is.

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