How to get rid of negative energy

Negative sign

Get rid of Negative Influences:- We know that we are surrounded by people who have negative thoughts about us and we cannot fight with them .We need to cut out those who are constantly unhappy, uncaring, abusive or neglectful. These people suck out all the positive energy out of you, the positive energy that you need to attract good things into your life.Surround yourself with positive people.

Clean out your Office / Home :- We need to clean all old / stagnant things which can absorb more negative rather positive from our home and ignore those people who have negativity in your office ambiance.

Change your thinking:- It is easy to get involve into negative things as it doesn’t require efforts and positive things are hard to achieve.Cleanse your own negative thoughts. Don’t let the small things bother you. Don’t complain and judge or criticize others. But also love yourself more. Be more forgiving of yourself. No one is perfect so don’t dwell on your mistakes or imperfections.And, finally, don’t play the victim. You create your own life—so take responsibility. Stop blaming others and start taking steps towards making your life better.

Put all of your worries on paper :-Take a pen and paper and write out everything that worries you. Sometimes it may seem like a lot in your head, but once you see it written down you will understand that it’s not that much and you can deal with it.

Also, the point is to take out all the negativity from inside of you and put it on an external object. So don’t think that you have to make this list short, or even make it a list at all. Try writing down all of your negative thoughts. Every single worried thought you’re having. And then just get rid of that paper. Burn it or throw it away.

Meditate :-Meditation increases serotonin production that improves mood and behavior. It decreases anxiety, helps gain clarity and peace of mind. It helps heal your energy system and maintain vibrant energy field.

Work it out :-Finally, when nothing else is working, and you still feel angry or sad, sometimes the best thing you can do is just sweat it out. In fact, many doctors are actually prescribing exercise to battle stress, depression and anxiety. Whatever you choose to do, go for a run, do yoga, lift some weights, swim, go for a long walk, play some tennis – a good workout will help clean out your mind of negative thoughts.





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