Secret Santa  🎅

Christmas Eve is a big day ,we all wait for our secret Santa 🎅 on this very special day.

It’s a day of surprises, gifts, blessings,new start and love.

Santa , a person, who loves us and want to fulfill our wish with no condition or take back.

Santa,a special person of our life either for a second or for the life time will give us a true happiness of festival.

Santa can be your mother ,father ,love, friends, neighbor or anyone. On this special occasion we expect gifts from our secret Santa.

So those who have not  receive their gifts from secret Santa need to wait till midnight as still you have time to get it.

Your gift may or may not be visible but yes I am sure you will surely feel something special on this occasion and believe me it would the special gift of this year.

Voice of Dil , wish you and your family a very special and full of love Christmas. Enjoy it and make it the best day of the year 2017.
Copyright © 2017 Voiceofdil

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