How to Control your thoughts


Thoughts are what?

Thoughts are a bundle of imaginations which can increase or decrease its number by its continuous assessment.

Why your thoughts tickle you ?

When our thoughts become overwhelmed it will burden and convert positive thoughts into negative. You start fighting with your own thoughts and try to compare each other which tickles you.

How to Control your thoughts ?

Having Control on your thoughts is a difficult task. One need to understand that God has given us mind to think but what to think is in our hand. We can think a miracle too and we can think a disaster too.

There is only one way to control your thoughts is to repeat good things in your mind. As when we do this we increase positive vibration in our mind and after our positive rethinking process it will slower the growth of negative power in our mind and then we can have command on it.

We have to do this in regular basis as in a day we can’t get victory on our negative thoughts we need to revise it in regular basis to improve our overthinking process.

Overthinking of a good thing is not wrong but when we overthink of bad things then it will give us negative energy. So think only for good things.


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