Let me heal the world.


I donot know who I am, but I can heal bad souls & spirits and give them chance to relive or relief. My nature is not to get disturbed from all negative energies as I am the part of positivity.

I always try to make people happy and show them right way to do things. I may not be with everyone but yes I am present in everyone souls.

I like to see healthy environment and wish to fulfill all wishes to spread love in the air.

I hate when people fight with each other and forget that they are human being and they got this chance of human birth just to do things for others.

People have belief in me and I have belief in people and in each era I want to spread more good souls to this world.

I want to heal pain of all and want my world to live happily. I always remember one thing that I am here because of you all are here because of me.

People call me God , Allah , Maulah, Jesus , Saint and I call them my CHILD. My love for my every child is equal but way to understand them the value of correct path is different.

I wish all my child let me Heal this world.

Copyright © 2017 Voiceofdil



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