Not Every proposal convert into marriage but yes , every proposal will teach you a lesson for your next proposal to prepare you to make a wise decision in your life.

Proposal are of three kinds :-

  1. Directly for Friendship
  2. Directly for Marriage
  3. Neither for friendship & Marriage

For Friendship :- A person get such kind of proposal when someone feels that he / she is a good person and able to share any things with hide secrets . Friendship is a wonderful relationship which we creates without any pros & cons.

For Marriage :- If a person directly propose you for marriage then it depends on you to accept it or not as I believe there is no relation stays longer if not have a touch of friendship. One should be friends first and then proceed for next relation. Think twice before process.

Neither for friendship & Marriage :- Few proposals are fake & vague. These proposals are only like seasons which has less duration. They looks & feel attractive and crazy but due to its sooner ending it will not last long. These proposal have no confirmation whether it will convert into marriage or friendship.Stay away from such proposals as they may harm you or can give you life long pain.

Friends ,if you have any suggestions for this then please let me know or comment it ,so that we can help our surroundings to secure and help them for a happy proposal.

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4 thoughts on “Proposal

  1. Voice of Dil says:

    No one in this world is perfect and one bad fish left spot on entire rest fishes.I believe that one can’t change the world but one can change his or her own world.


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