Live for yourself- Story & Lesson

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Once a lady got married when she was 18 yrs old as she belongs from a conservative family where females are not allowed to go outside.She told her father that she is ready to marry if he is happy with that only.

After few years of her complicated marriage she met with an accident where her husband tried himself to protect from injury and left her inside the car to struggle and after that incident she got cervical injury due to which she was unable to walk and sit on wheel chair for her entire life.

After few months of treatment doctors confirmed her that she will never get pregnant in future due to which she was totally devastated & hopeless.

One night , she wake up  and noticed the white walls of her hospital room , which was colorless and had no dreams & images . There & then she decided not to curse her life and complete all her wishes at her first go. She decided not to weep more and live for herself only.

Her first wish is to draw her own painting with colorful cloths as she got tired to look her in white cloths of hospital.Her painting lying on bed with colorful cloths appreciated by all.

Her second wish to free her husband from this relation and she given divorce to him to move his life further.

Her next dream is to have children in her life and so she decided to work for an NGO where she linked with many children and so she got all her dreams true as she worked for it enthusiastically.

Life is not easy and it should not be easy otherwise we forget to work for it , fight for it & live for it.

We must love our life that God has given us to live and we have to live its each & every moment as it will never come again.


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One thought on “Live for yourself- Story & Lesson

  1. Nadine says:

    Well, what does Ԍod like?? Lee added. ?I imply, we like cookiеs and cartoons and toys,
    but what kind of things are enjoyɑble fοr God??
    It wаs a question that for a minute Mommy and Daddy had t᧐ think about.


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