How to ????

How To

A question : How to ????

As per latest research of Google ,it shows that the most popular search word is How to?

People frequently ask How to make money , learn English ,  make pancake , tie a tie , get pregnant , lose weight , draw, lose belly fat etc etc.

Recently, they noticed that ‘how to…’ searches have increased by more than 140% since 2004, and much of that search interest is directed towards how to ‘fix’ things—whether it’s a light-bulb, window, washing machine, or even the toilet as per Google’s data editor Simon Rogers .

This shows that now people is aggressive towards asking question and they want to do or resolve many things by their own.

People showing their trust on Google which also increase Google search engine popularity and their business.

The most searched word ‘how to’ questions globally give us an intriguing insight into some of mankind’s daily difficulties.

The above line shows that as soon as your mind starts work it will create a mess of questions , it may be related to your day to day difficulties or may be curiosity to know much more about that particular.

A human study shows that a person mind can think or imagine anything beyond anything and one can’t judge the limit of that anything.

I hope that google has to create a forum which must be filled with much more information in described form and flash to user in one shot so that people will find their solution in one go .

It should be more Related , more Described & more Aligned. This RDA system will give users good result and focus approach.\

Friends you can also give us your review in comment column to help search engines for more specific and accurate result.


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