Stain ” Good to have”



What we think about it ? How we take it in our Life? Do we ever take it as good?

I know that most of my friends have no Answer of above said questions and they never ever think that it may be Good to have it.

Friends I know its a very small thing to think about but it has many thoughts to learn about.

Thought -1 : When  you give red stain to your bride’s forehead it means that you are getting married.

Thought-2 : When you got stained by your little baby poop it means that your next generation  is ready

Thought-3 : When  you find your baby’s cloths stained it means that he starts learning how fight to survive. Let them Play.

Thought-4 :  When you find your young Girl cloths stained it means she is towards puberty.

Thought-5 : When your books got ink stain it means that you are trying to write your dreams.

Thought-6 : When you find yourself got stained by people didn’t like you it means that you are more better than those people and towards improvement.

Thought-7 : When you find your body got blue stained than you are leaving this world and left all your beautiful memories for your family.

There may be few stain left to describe but I know that my readers can find them easily in their Life after reading about these stain.

STAIN : Good to Have.


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