Luck Vs Hardwork


luck Vs Hardwork

A person can get things in life with his Luck but it will only last for few days but If a person get things with Handwork /Smart work then he knows each up & down he faced to achieve it and it will last forever with him.

A successful person is one who builds a strong foundation with the bricks that have been thrown at him. Success is not a final destination, it is a journey. If a person considers it as the final destination, then it will go away. Instead, we should let the success within us drive us even further.

Only monetary gains does not mean success. Having well-maintained relationships or spreading joy in the society is success too. You should consider them as success too.

There are several things that will pose as a problem on your path to success, like laziness or lack of proper attitude. But the major obstruction is your ego. If you think why should i do something, then the opportunity that came knocking on your door, will go back.If you have given your best to some work, even if you don’t succeed, you are successful.

Your past will make you regretful of many things, thinking of future will bring anxiety. But living in the present will help you stay focused and concentrated which will help you succeed. This is the mantra of success.The true measure of how successful you are lies in what you have given back to society, rather than the materialistic gain that may have come along with it.

It takes immense courage and motivation to shape ideas into reality.

“Never let your confidence be shaken. It is anti-success.”

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