Ideals Know No Boundary


Any Business has a direct effect on the social condition. In a society such as ours, where the divide between the rich & the poor is gigantic, it becomes the responsibility of entrepreneurs to act ethically and give back in some way.

There’s a simple question that lies at the heart of every decision that a business will have to take. If that were the talisman that one always wore, we’ll adding tremendous value to the lives of people and, quite naturally, enhancing the country’s economic prosperity. By extension, we will, as a business, also grow in finance and in people’s estimation.

The question is merely this : would my action enhance respect for my company or for me in the society ?

This is, I believe, at the heart of the idealism of capitalism. At this stage in the history of India when capitalism is new, when we see lot of poverty around us, when 700 to 800 million Indians live with hardly two meals a day, it is incumbent on every leader of capitalism to demonstrate that idealism. I believe that entrepreneurship is the only instrument in our hands to create jobs and put income into the hands of people and make them economically viable.




Taken from outlook , thoughts of N.R. Narayana Murthy


2 thoughts on “Ideals Know No Boundary

  1. Technology_is_Future says:

    Nice one again…..every time feeling relaxed after go through your quality contents. Keep it up. After seeing your writing skill and knowledge i want to ask you something.
    How to persuade someone Who is anger by my mistakes.
    Please suggest… very urgent…


    • Voice of Dil says:

      Dear Reader, thanks for your comment. We appreciate your efforts.I cn understand your problem you just need to go in front of that person and say sorry ,accept your mistake and tell that it will not happen again. He or she will surely forgive you. If he then hug him. if she then joint your hands together nd apologize.

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