Life on Earth without the Sun.


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Other than all the creatures present on earth, the greatest beauty of  human brain is that, we can imagine those things which actually not happened. And our extraordinary ability helps us to protect our existence by thinking about the dangers we face & planning on them.

So let us go on a journey of such an imaginary world, which is imaginary but coming out of our small human world. We can be helpful to humans in adopting a broader view of the universe.

So let’s ask yourself … what will happen?

If Sun disappears suddenly from the Universe.

Since it takes approximately 500 seconds to reach the sunlight on the Earth … even after it disappears, we will watch the sun in space for 500 seconds.

As soon as 500 seconds have passed .. suddenly the Sun will disappear from the sky without any clues then the whole earth will be covered with darkness all-around.

The portion of the Earth that is full of darkness and suddenly we got to know that Moon is also disappearing from the sky (because the moon is also shining due to sunlight)

Unfortunately … even after a long wait … morning will not come again.

Market of frustration, rumor and fear will start getting panic and fear will take the Earth into its shadow with a mixed terror.

Only about 500 seconds after the sun disappears, from the Earth .. The gravitational bridge of the sun will also end and the earth will be start an endless journey in space.

To be continued…………. In our Next Article.



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