Live your Life like a Clown.


The only person who feel happy when people laugh on him and that is clown/ Joker / Prankster/buffoon.

People named them whatever they want as they play different characters to make others happy . They live their life to make others happy though internally they are not what they are acting but still they want people to laugh on them , call from different names . They hide their own identity and mix themselves into others to create a world called Happiness.

We have to live our life like them . Whenever people laugh on us while doing any god thing don’t get irritated as they will appreciate you one day when you will be a successful person. People remember those people who make them laugh or cry.

We have to do something for others so that we can also create a happy environment like clowns do.

We have to think like clowns do as they live every single second of their life.The intensity which clowns experience is due to the fact that they live the present moment of each second. Feelings and emotions in the present are the most important things in the world for them, and they are not preoccupied by what the next second will bring. Clowns take time to save the extraordinary inner treasures of the moment. They are unrepentant optimists and have got all the time in the world to wait for things to turn out the way they want.

They are the best teacher for human beings, we need to learn how to live our life  from them.

Live your Life like a Clown.



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