Shape your Insight


Our mind is the most powerful gift for us given by the God . It is like a machine like our cellphone whose maintenance is in our hand. We need to polish it daily to get the good output. Whatever we will enter , it will process it automatically sometimes it works itself like when our mobile got hang.The reason behind it is we are force fully giving instructions to think and at the same time it is processing other task.

We need to shape our thoughts to improve our thinking process to get the good result .We need to focus on our thought process step by step .

Firstly , we should know what to take-in means we need to keep learning good things.

2- We have to start using all our senses to improve our thought process.

3- Start believing yourself and stay positive.

4-Give priority to your brain to give you the best result.

5-Repeat what you want to know often.

6- Start differentiating between the do’s and don’ts .

7- Start Accepting your thoughts.

These are few ways to shape your Insight through your Mind , we can improve other things too with more efforts on our weak areas.



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