Not born with a Silver Spoon.


Hello Friends !!!!!!!!!!

Are you born with a silver spoon in your mouth????….It is just not a question/ phrase, it has a meaningful sense itself.

We always found few of our friends and relatives those parents have lots of money and their children doesn’t require to do stuffs /work hard in comparison of a middle class family.

Many of us not born in General category and some of us belong to other category related to lower categories and got casteism profit.

What is the difference between a person born with a Silver Spoon and one not????

80’s Generation people believe that when a child get things easily and no hard work needed that he might be born with a silver spoon as a phrase.

But I believe that their is no difference between both of them , it is all about your Karma ” Much you given ,Much you get”.

One can’t make any difference with a silver spoon, you can only make difference by your hard/good working which itself make you different from others.

Your good efforts will give you power to achieve your dreams , your hard work will boom your enthusiasm to work more & more , your thoughts will give you ideas to develop , your words will make your best presentation, your believe will give you energy to fight and your performance will set a milestone for others.

Friends their is no one who can stop a Human to do anything until and unless he/she wants. Keep trying and giving your best efforts will fail a person who is not worthy.

Don’t think about the luxurious life that was given by your parents as they have that because of their karma . Do your own efforts ,make your own way and there is no one who will stop you. Just keep going.



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2 thoughts on “Not born with a Silver Spoon.

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