Clean your Glasses…8}


Hello Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are glad to get reviews from all of you and we appreciate your efforts to encourage us to write more for you guys…

Out Today’s topic is …….Are you guys ready to clean your glasses?????????? I know that many of us are wearing glasses and now its in fashion too. We daily clean our glasses to see things clear otherwise we will fall down or make some mistakes 😉 .

Have you guys ever think about to clean your glasses more than it required …NO???? Then do it … many times people only clean their shades to see things clearly not to understand things wisely. Sometimes what we see is not real . We have to clean our glasses more so that we can see the difference between the Visibility & the Reality.

For example : A mother sold her home television to get some cash for her daughter’s study so that she can achieve her dreams but her daughter thought that how poor we are that we have to sold our things to live .

Sometimes.. we cannot get into reality behind what we see and we react as per the visibility . 99 % people react on visibility because they only want to react what we see they donot want to understand the truth behind what they saw.

A simple example : Whenever we see any cat cross our way then we stop at the same place to cross others so that we will not get into trouble. As since birth we have this hypothesis that whenever cat crosses our way it will lead to some danger. We ignore the main cause of crossing and it may be anything, might be her life is in danger that time.

We all need to clean our mind too to see things in actual manner.

We Hope that from now on wards we will try to think like this in any case, to improve our thought process.


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