Mother ” Her love can come in any form”


A Mother is a women , a daughter ,  a sister , a wife , a daughter-in-law and a mom. A Mother has to perform different role in her life. She does work of twenty for free.She suffer pain to give happiness to all her love one. She is the only one in our home who wait for us till we reach. She belongs to everyone but not to herself. She live for everyone but not for herself. She gives birth, care , respect , upbringing but not ask anything for her. Her love can come in any form in our life ,it can be in the form of food , care , anger , silence , hug etc.

We are here in this world just because of her as she is the only one who permit us to grow in her womb and her love keeps us growing to become a person.We always want to give happiness to our mom ,we read articles and celebrate mother’s day to cheer her up.

Many of us trying to keep their mothers happy but now a days its not about happiness its about respect which is decreasing day by day in this world & the only reason we will read & discuss in our next upcoming article

” Why only mothers deserve respect not women” ???????


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