Selfie ” A pose with a happy dose”


Hi Friends , today’s our topic is on Selfie. I selfie-significadoknow that in this entire world there is no person who is not aware of Selfie. Although it is a new generation word but even a womb baby is also aware of it . If you say its a selfie time then he/she give you a sweet kick for the same. hahahahhaha…..laugh out loud , its a new technology actually.

Now we talk about selfie….what actually it do.

It is not about only to click a picture of your face ,it is about if you are happy then camera of your mobile feel happy and it will give you a real image of yours.. the happy one.

There is one feature in camera where whenever you smile only then it will click your selfie picture.

Selfie is about to see yourself happy , it motivates you that you are actually a cool , happy, beautiful personality in this world. It try to set your mind that yes today you are looking superb and any girl or boy  get impress with you.

So who soever like to click selfie from their mobile like this blog post  as I say there is one one in this entire world who are not aware of it.



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