Communication “word’s power”

downloadCommunication is a process through which people exchange their message through different channel.

Our today’s topic is ,do we really think that communication  is only to exchange your message with each other.I will say a BIG NO to it.

Because the major problem of communication in today’s scenario is we don’t listen to understand ,we listen to reply.

Today’s generation only want to give reply of any commutation with no clues of right  & wrong and later that communication will end up in fight or debate.

A right communication will lead a conversation to the right path where we get our result and vice-versa will create barriers.

A simple way of a good communication is first listen what others want to say then understand it or get the reason of saying and then understand it , If everyone will follow this process of communication then we may not create any barrier and result into hassle free communication.

Say correct , understand correct and process correct!

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