No Relation, Still connected

An untouched, unforgettable, unrelated story of an Angel and a Devil.

Devil always have a false belief that that there is no such person in this world who has pure heart and can understand him so well. One day he decided to travel around the world and soon he met with a girl, a girl having positive vibes, innocent smile, beautiful eyes and a caring heart. One can’t be such good as she is ,so devil starts testing her.

He always try to defeat her in different & unrelated manners but she took his all negatives into positive and understand his thoughts by her own way and that day soon came when Devil realized that may be he fall in love with her. He was confused as he never had such positive feelings in his heart before.

Before he expressed his feeling to her it’s time to leave that place and move to new place as Devil can’t stay at one place so far.Before leaving your place I want to tell you one thing that no one in this world can understand me the way you did , I don’t have any relation with you but some part inside me will always connected with you , I may live anywhere in this world but you will be my true inspiration till eternity.

This story express only one thing that we never know who , where and when a person will come in our life & change our entire life and that day we understand the exact motive of our birth.


A thought…. Continued

Is there any sleep which will never wake me up , Is there any smile which will never make me sad.

Some knows I never express but actually no one cares, if I speak.

Some says, I am a fool but actually it’s my nature to forgive.

I like to count stars because moon is loved by all.

I never follow others because they don’t have me in them.

Some says , I have belief in friendship but actually they know me other than else.

There is only one thought which make me alive that I’m not born to die.

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Tiny Nose

Tiny nose.jpg

I have read about many cute things but the cutest thing I have ever found is your little, tiny nose.

It shrinks when you smile , looks cute when you sleep and side portion of it is like a popup which triggers me to touch & feel it.

One can fall in love with many things but I fall in love with your tiny nose.

It is soft like your lips , smooth like your cheeks , beautiful like your eyes and small like your smile.

It shows your true nature towards me…. Whenever I want to tease you I like to touch it and irritate you .

Its all in me of you.




When I am not Alive

Love letter.jpg

Whether I am alive or not , you stay in me forever.

Whenever I take my last sleep , you continue come into my dreams.

This is all I need to say you……………………………………………….

My story is little complicated but Lovely………………………………………………

Whenever rain comes , you just guess it that  I am present in each drop of it.

Whenever sun rays tease you , you just guess it that  I am present in each rays of it.

Whether I say or not , you just listen to me forever

This is all I need to say you………………………………………………………………………………..

With the flow of air , I will try to touch you forever

If your wish is to stop me then I will stay on your lips as your smile.

Whether I will present or not , you just feel me always.

This is all I need to say you……………………………………………………………………………….






Few decisions you need to take without knowing whether it is right or wrong , so cross your fingers and don’t think about anything & just go ahead.

I believe that we don’t need a firm decision always to do something ,sometimes we have to leave it on God and cross our fingers for better result.

Wherever our destiny decide will go there and no one can stop us getting things in our Fate.

I have a strong belief that if once we decided to do something by our full hard work no one can ever come in between our success.

So ,don’t think much just do your best and maintain your integrity in life.




My Buddy

A cute gift from a cute buddy. I always try to understand why people like Teddy bear so much, what is good in it , but when I got it ,it’s like the second biggest happiness of this year.

I call him Happy , as when ever I looked at him ,a wide smile comes on my face. He use to stare me wherever I go and gives a sweet smile and say I’m watching you so don’t kidding.

I like his nose as whenever I try to kiss him it always comes in mid of us and then I hug him tight to at least feel his softness rather kissing him.

I like to rest my head on his legs as it is too soft to get a quick sleep.

He is lucky for me as it brings happiness.

Lots of love to Happy 😘


A Wish

A wish I have today to be blessed forever. I accept all my wrong deeds and ready to get punished.I accept all my good deeds that I have done with myself.I always try to make people happy not with me but with others so that they will not get attached with me.

I wish not to hurt anyone in future and give my best to relations.

Trust is always the important part of my life and carrying it with me is my first priority.

A wish of getting evolve and be better in life is my biggest dream .